Author: Nabil

Weekly WOD Insight 9/10/18

Before getting into the workouts here are some things/services I discovered over the weekend (or just recently) that I would recommend: Límon Rotisiere – Walnut Creek – the ceviche, pisco sours and poke are all awesome! Canesa’s Brooklyn Heros – Clayton – i’m not a huge sandwich fan, but these are really good! Ben & […]

CrossFit Games Layoffs Signals Big Changes to Come

For years, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has been considered by many to be a crass individual.  And while most people who are just now becoming familiar with CrossFit know it primarily as what they see on television as the CrossFit Games, or perhaps what their boasting fitness enthusiast friends tell them about how grueling their […]

Weekly WOD Overview – 8/13/18

Monday A.) 2 Clean & Jerks on the minute for 12 minutes Rx’d folks start light and gradually add as you go.  ADV. folks (those of you that have been doing olympic lifts for over a year) start as close to 75% of your 1RM as possible, or if you aren’t sure of your 1 […]

Leader Board Challenge & Upcoming Raffle

7 weeks ago I put the challenge out there to you guys to see how much movement we could get on the leader board. Here’s who got up on the leader board, or moved up (and the respective workout/exercise) in the last 7 weeks: Taneya – 1 mile Run Jeff G. – 403m Run Sekai […]

Sweat Shop BBQ – Sunday Aug. 19th – 12:00pm @ Heather Farms

The Sweat Shop BBQ is coming up next Sunday Aug.19th, 12:00pm at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek!  Bring the kids, bring your spouse or significant other, bring whoever!  Sweat Shop will be providing the drinks and meat, you guys just bring a side dish.  We have reserved the tables located between the volleyball courts […]

Weekly WOD Insight 7/16/18

For anyone planning on training Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is some running on each of those days.  While it’s less than 2 miles total, spread out over 3 days, for some it may still be a bit much.  Keep in mind that rowing, bike, or the ski erg are ALWAYS an alternative, even if […]

Mindful Running

Just yesterday’s workout, while Alandi was running on the Assualt Air Runner, I told her to “be mindful while you’re running”…. meaning, I wanted her to really connect with what her body was doing and how it was moving, rather than just mindlessly putting one foot in front of the other and watching the meters […]

Farewell Rene!

As many of you may have heard, Rene and Kyle are going to be moving to Roseville soon to be closer to both of their families.  For the last six years Rene has been coaching at the Sweat Shop as well as competing on Team Sweat Shop at the NorCal Regionals in 2013, and 2014!  […]

Weekly Workout Overview – 6/18/18

Monday – Even though it’s been almost one year since I did this workout, I distinctly remember it for it’s intensity and simplicity.  Choose a version that you can link or hit QUICK singles on the ground to overhead.  In all reality, this should be a clean & jerk, unless you want to practice snatches […]

Leader Board Movement… LET’S GO!

  We’ve still got some blank spots on the leaderboard that need to be filled!  We also have some “dark horses” and some “leaderboard lurkers” that I’d like to lure out of the woodwork!  So this pic is where the leader board currently stands, and from now until the next 4-6 weeks we want to […]