Month: January 2018

Core Stability

Core, core, core. We are always talking about keeping our core tight, stabilizing the core, training the core, but what exactly is the core? The core is comprised of muscles in the front, side, and back of the midsection. All these muscles work together to create core stability which is required when working out, especially […]

24 Hours With Rich Froning

For most people, an hour a day at their CrossFit gym is enough for them.  Others however aspire to make a living doing CrossFit.  Here’s what a day looks like for 4 time CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning, who now “just” trains to compete on the CrossFit Mayhem Team.  Thanks Chief Banks for the heads […]

WOD Insights Week of 1/29

Monday For Part A you are welcome to choose any combo of squat and or power clean, as well as split or push jerk. The cleans do not need to be touch and go, however, if you’d like to work on barbell cycling, touch and go would be a good option for that purpose. Likewise, […]

Welcome Baby Kea!

I’m very excited to announce the arrival of James and Melaney’s first child, Kea Julie Barber!  She was born January 24th weighing in at 6lbs. 15oz. and measuring 19″ long.  Mom and baby are both doing well and we looking forward to meeting another baby and the latest addition to the ever-growing Sweat Shop family!

Functional Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has been around for centuries, its where most people get their start in terms of a regular gym routine. I can still remember back to when I would grab my parents 10 pound dumbbells and do some curls, some overhead presses, push ups, and sit ups, because I wanted to be ripped like the […]

The Saboteurs Of Health In America

I recently came across an article from Breaking Muscle  discussing the factors at work in the demise of our health in America. I especially enjoyed what he mentions regarding addiction being an accepted business model (check out the expert below). These manipulators employ our human nature against us to create paradoxically unnatural habits. The advance of technology has […]

WOD Review 1/22/18

Monday My intent for this day is to re-test a good ol’ fashioned workout from 2014! The workout has a little bit of everything! It has some running, simple barbell movements, and basic gymnastic skills. No one part of the workout should stop you in your tracks, allowing you to keep moving at a nice […]

Featured Athlete: Megan P.

For those that have noticed the skill and attention to detail of the handwriting on our Sweaty Swag board, and now our newly revamped Leaderboard, you may or may not know that it is compliments of Megan! In addition to her awesome creativity and art skills, I’m super impressed by those like Megan (a NICU […]

EMOM for Conditioning, Not Just for Strength!

EMOM = Every Minute On The Minute By now most of you are comfortable with this format as we utilize it for strength on a weekly basis. For example, you may have seen something like this… Every 1:00 for 12:00 2 Clean & Jerks We use another form of this EMOM, an alternating EMOM, when […]

Time to roll out….Your Feet?!

Rolling out is something many of us have done at some point. It can help with increasing bloodflow to areas and breaking up inflammation we have accrued from working out. Many people like to roll out their quads, calves, shins, glutes, lats, pecs, neck, but many are missing an important body part: their feet! Our feet are extremely important not only […]