Month: October 2017

Sweat Shop Holiday Party 2017!

Save the Date: December 9th 6:30pm! It’s that time of year again! The long awaited Sweat Shop Holiday Party is just around the corner. Mark your calendars folks, December 9th, starting at 6:30pm! There will be food, drinks and desserts.  We had to pull a few strings, but we were able to secure the same […]

Weekly WOD Review

Monday Every 1:30 gives you guys an extra :30 rest over our traditional EMOM. You’ll find that this extra rest will help you recover a little bit more and allow you to really focus on technique without having to deal with too much fatigue. Compare your results to our EMOM from 10/20/17. For those of […]

Featured Athlete: Eric L.

Most people would describe Eric as a quite dude, … a mysterious dude that always has a new Porsche.  Even after being a Sweat Shop member for more than 2 years, I’m still finding out new things about Eric.  Just recently he helped coached Jacqueline, Bri, and Helen in the pool as they prepared for […]

2017 Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is almost upon us! This year, it will be next Tuesday, so it’s coming up quick! As we’ve done in previous years, we will be having a costume contest throughout the day! There will be one winner (PRIZE = T-SHIRT!!!!), which will be decided amongst your coaches at the end of the day. Check […]

Don’t Walk Away From This Opportunity!

So as many of you know I wrote a piece about a month ago, talking about one of the habits I had picked up: going on 10 minute walks after meals.  I can gladly say I am still an avid participant in this practice, and have even been able to rope Britney, and my roommate occasionally, […]

6am Shout Out!

Here’s a shout out to all you 6AMers! You guys have been killin it lately! I must admit, waking up at 5AM isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but coaching the 6AM crew always gets me pumped and ready for the day! Somedays I wake up at 7:30 and think….shoot… Charlie, JSE, Jonathan, Siino, […]

Weekly WOD Insights

MONDAY I remember Nabil programming this last year on a Saturday and it was fun because of the variety of movements and intensity. I’ve made some adjustments to the weights and reps from (10/22/16) to cut the time down for advanced. If you want to repeat the workout exactly as you did last time, that’s […]

Quality Increasing Quantity

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the speed and intensity side of CrossFit. Don’t get me wrong, I myself love that part of it. I am a sucker for the butt-kicking feeling I get from CrossFit and truly think that out of all that is out there, I really can’t see myself gaining the same type […]

Weightlifting Insight

There are plenty of well-known weightlifting coaches out there, and I’m sure they all have great insight when in comes to coaching the weightlifting movements. One coach in specific that I follow is Daniel Camargo. Camargo has been around the weightlifting community for some time and has worked with athletes that range from the recreational level […]

Dr. Alandi Stec, DC

If you have ever worked out at 12 pm class, you have probably gotten to know Alandi. People know her for her contagious laughter and radiating positivity, as well as being a pretty darn good CrossFitter! What many people do not know is that in addition to these things, she is also a Chiropractor. Her office is even […]