Month: June 2017

Contra Costa Throwdown Recap

Last weekend we had FIVE Sweat Shop squads compete at the Contra Costa Throwdown in Concord. This was my first year participating in the local throwdown and had a blast competing alongside familiar competitors like Marko, DJ, and Gomer, as well as seeing first time competitors Danielle, Cally, Chris, Britney, Cole, and Braydan absolutely kill […]


“Agility – the ability to move and change direction and position of the body quickly an effectively while under control. It requires quick reflexes, coordination, balance, speed, and correct response to the changing situation.” “Ohhh no.” “Ugghhhh, I’m so bad at these.” “Whhyyyyyy???” A few of the many comments when we bust out the agility ladder […]

I Will Be In My Bed

Mentality is everything when it comes to completing any given task. Think back to a time outside of CrossFit where you had a big meeting or project at work, a big test in school, or a competition (does not necessarily have to be an athletic one). Try to remember the mentality you had going into […]

Benchmark Workouts

If you’re a long time CrossFitter, chances are you already know what the benchmark workouts are. For some that are just starting out, this might be the first time you’ve heard that term. Greg Gassman released these 6 benchmark workouts in 2003. “In Benchmark Workouts, Coach Greg Glassman describes and examines six of Crossfit’s benchmark […]

Sweat Shop Takes First at Brethren Throwdown

While we had 5 teams competing locally at the Contra Costa Throwdown in Concord (stay tuned for a recap on that later this week), Helen and I competed at an individual competition at Brethren CrossFit in Morgan Hill this weekend.  It was a really fun competition that among other things included a trail run and […]

Physical Potential

I saw this article recently on Starting Strength’s blog. It is written by Mark Rippetoe, a coach/author who I like to refer to on all things strength training and programming. In this post, he speaks about the much-discussed topic of what it means to reach true physical potential and how having an understanding of genetics […]

Sweat Shoppers Out In Full Force

This weekend is a big weekend where we have 15 Sweat Shoppers competing! We have 6 teams competing at the Contra Costa Throwdown at Concord High School and 3 individuals competing at the Brethren Throwdown in Morgan Hill. Check out who’s competing and their heat times down below… Contra Costa Throwdown Teams “Strictly Beefy” – DJ […]

Measuring Success

This post will relate to Nabil’s post on remembering your why and JB’s post he made a while back about you versus you. I wanted to make this post because when I am not blasting the latest EDM hits while I am driving around, I like to listen to a lot of podcasts. One of the […]

Coconut Oil Controversy

Coconut oil has been under scrutiny by the American Heart Association. I came across this rebuttal that makes some excellent points. Check it out below. As for me, I’ll continue enjoying coconut oil. You may have seen the news late last week about the latest “Presidential Advisory” on dietary fats released from the American Heart […]

Sweaty Swag Board

The “Sweaty Swag” board is up and running at the Sweat Shop!  While we’ve had a goal wall at the gym in the past, this board is more of a PR board and just all around general accomplishments.  One of the main differences is that this one will be erased and start fresh at the […]