Month: March 2017

Factors Limiting Aerobic Capacity

Intensity Muscle Endurance/Volume Strength Technique Pacing While these terms above are not new to the field of fitness and sports, much has been discussed on their importance in improving aerobic performance. My aim for this post is to highlight aerobic capacity and show how some factors, like the ones listed above, may have an effect […]

Structured Warm Up

Having structure to your strength and/or endurance training is important for sustainable and long term improvements. However, it is equally important to have structure in your warm up. Warming up with a purpose is crucial to having an effective workout, whether it be for some running intervals, gymnastics, or weightlifting. Warming up properly primes the body […]

And the winning team is….

While Oki Dokey’s Artichokes took Week 5, Kanye’s Krew, lead by Jacqueline as team captain took the overall win.  As with most things, consistency and participation played a big part in their team win.  Check out the full score card here.  With this being the first year that we did an intra-gym competition, I’m already […]

17.5 Highlights

17.5 Highlights from CrossFit Sweat Shop on Vimeo. The 2017 Open has come to a close and we had some great times along the way! There is something about the Open atmosphere that elevates the level of intensity and camaraderie in the gym. I hope you enjoy this final highlight video to conclude our 2017 Open Season. […]

Remembering Your “Why”

While the dust hasn’t even settled on the completion of the CrossFit Open, many of us are already thinking about what we could have done differently, and what we need to do to better prepare for next year.  Whether you’re happy or not about your performance in the Open, I think this is a good […]


The final week is here! Congrats to all who have made it this far. The final Open workout like every year before has THRUSTERS! Muscle endurance and lungs highlight this workout. Since strength won’t be a big issue for most people, it will be about managing intensity throughout the 10 rounds. For those who are […]

Slowing Down for a Second

Meditation, something I’ve picked up over the past few months and have been consistently committed to incorporating it into my daily schedule. As much as possible I’ll wake up and usually the first thing I’ll do is sit for mediation before getting ready for the day. Between coaching classes, working with clients, finding time to […]

17.4 Highlight Video

17.4 was 16.4. It was the much anticipated repeat workout in this years open. While it didn’t match the technicality of 17.3 or the engine requirements of 17.1, it presented a new array of challenges that I think the Sweat Shoppers rose to the occasion for. For people who performed the workout last year, it […]

CrossFit Open Week 4

Week 4 of the CrossFit Open brought back a repeat workout from last year, as well as the ever difficult handstand pushup standard.  While there were several of us, including myself, that didn’t improve from last year, there were some new names at or near the top of the Sweat Shop leaderboard!  There were also […]


Open 17.4 is a repeat of last year’s 16.4! For many, this was just getting some HSPU. For others it was getting TO the HSPU. Just as it was last year, it is about pacing early on the deads and breaking them up in small sets. You can manage a faster pace by doing them […]