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Move into the new year with movement intelligence!

If you didn’t catch it on the gram (instagram), I am teaming up with our dedicated nooner and chiropractor, Alandi. We are teaming up to integrate both passive and active movement practices to maximize your improvement, all at a great price. We are offering people the chance to have one chiropractic adjustment, and one personal training […]

Ring Row Technique

Ring Rows are an amazing tool for developing pulling strength. Unlike the strict pull up where you support all of your bodyweight, you can easily dictate how much weight you want to support in the ring row. This allows you to increase the amount of pulling volume you can perform. Simply slide your feet forward and the […]

How to Properly Use a Belt

Amongst a couple of other popular items one of the more common things you will see in any CrossFitters gym bag is a weightlifting belt. The weightlifting belt, when used properly, can provide extra stability to the midline. This extra stability helps prevent back injury and increase the amount of weight a person can lift. The key to […]

Form Creep

The title on this article caught caught me by surprise, but when I saw it was written by Mark Rippetoe on Starting Strength, I thought it’s probably another one of his goodies! I like to refer to Rippetoe a lot, not just in training, but when I also teach in the classroom. While he can come off […]

Kinetic Chain Deadlifts

By now many of us have have attacked 18.4 and as per usual the Open has exposed a weakness we should aim to improve: heavy deadlifting. For many many of us, the deadlift was our first exposure to a lower body compound movement. When you think about it, its such a simple movement. You pick something up […]

Strength Primers

We all know that a good warm up is necessary to have a good workout. We need to make sure we spend ample time preparing our bodies for the movements we are about to execute. This may include mobilizing certain joints, stretching or activating certain muscles, or performing drills to hone in technique for lifting. […]

Leg Drive

Ever since I prepped for my first olympic weightlifting meet last November, I’ve fine- tuned a lot missing parts in my lifts and have got more comfortable knowing how certain parts of the lift should feel. I’ve made big improvements in my numbers over the last year, thanks in big part to the help from of our […]

Media and Photoshop

In today’s world, you really can’t trust what you see in a photo. Magazines and adds have been photoshopping their photos for years. Instagram is no better, we assume that because it’s a social medial site, those photos are untouched. I came across this video the other day and am thankful I am surrounded by […]

A few tips for the Clean

With Clean and Jerks coming up this Friday I think this is a good opportunity to re-visit the clean, since we usually talk about the split jerk more often. While the clean is not as technical as the split jerk and tends to not be the limiting factor for most people, if it is executed […]

Bottoms Up!!

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with consuming your favorite Paleo Protein or Kombucha in rapid succession. What this post will talk about is bottoms up training, particularly through the use of kettlebells. This kind of training can be utilized in an accessory fashion to increase your shoulder stability and mobility, as well as […]