Author: Nabil

321 Go MD

  I recently learned about a pretty cool site developed by an orthopedic surgeon who is also a CrossFit athlete.  While I’m not advocating using this site to self-diagnose any issues you may be having, it is a really good resource to better understand many common issues that CrossFitters may encounter.  The info is free […]

Weekly WOD Insight 5/21/18

Monday We’ll start off with our weekly olympic EMOM where our focus is on dialing in the technique of the Clean & Jerk, or if you choose, the Snatch.  If you’re still relatively new to either of these lifts, definitely stick with the two reps on the minute.  For those with a year or more […]

WOD Insights 4/30/18

  Monday – While many of you have gotten some good drill work while doing our 10 minutes of skill prior to some of our metcons, this week we’re gonna go back to an alternating EMOM format to develop the fundamental strength needed to get that first muscle up or handstand pushup.  If you already […]

CrossFit Age Group Qualifiers Start This Week

Good luck to our Age Group Qualifiers, Mo, Jacqueline and Braydan, who will be taking on 3-5 workouts from Thursday to Monday as they compete for a spot in the 2018 CrossFit Games!  They’ve worked hard all year and this is the final qualifying step before the CrossFit Games!  

Community: The Real Fitness X-Factor

Let me start with a disclaimer.  This post isn’t just in support of the business model (CrossFit/group fintess) that I happen to operate.  This article, from Breaking Muscle, rings especially true to me lately as I’ve recently become much more motivated to train being a part of a “community”…. of two people that is, Helen […]

WOD Overview & Insights 4/2/18

It seems like every holiday is an excuse to over-eat… or maybe that’s just me!  Aside from the standard Easter treats, I found myself overindulging from Roam Burger, to Smitten, and even sushi at Blue Gingko!  But worry not, if you too are guilty of the same or similar, there are plenty of opportunities this […]

CrossFit Open Intramural Wrap Up

As the dust is just barely settling on the 2018 CrossFit Open many of us are now looking forward to getting back to working out just for the sake of working out.  And before we get to those that will be moving on to the next round of qualifiers, here’s the final point standings for […]

Farewell Ryan!

  Next week Ryan will be leaving Walnut Creek, and California for Omaha Nebraska!  I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Ryan and it’s been really fun having him at the Sweat Shop for the past year.  I also feel fortunate that Ryan trained at the Sweat Shop for a whole year and didn’t […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/5/18

Monday On Thursday evening, after the announcement of 18.2 I realized we had an odd number of 35lb. dumbbells at the gym…. and with heats starting the next day, I wanted to get one ASAP.  So I went to Target, and in true male fashion I opted not to get a shopping cart.  First thing […]