Month: August 2017

Heat Advisory!

Alright Sweat Shoppers, I know we have a lot of weekend warriors and I’m sure all of you know how hot it’s going to be this weekend! Even though our classes are in the morning, usually it starts to get up there in temperature around 10am. So! If you plan on coming to the gym […]

Equipment Swag: Knee Sleeves

Take a look in your gym bag. What do you have in there? Amongst a few items you most likely have a pair of your favorite knee sleeves. Other than wrist wraps, knee sleeves are the most common thing I see people own when it comes to CrossFit equipment. And just like some pieces of […]

Boredom And Deeper Thinking

I came across this ted talk a few days ago. I was immediately convicted of how much I tend to check my phone. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this conviction. I’ve gone on a few social media fasts in the past, and it’s amazing how much more I accomplish in a day. I throughly enjoy […]

Biomechanics of Strength Training Seminar

Ok Sweat Shoppers, here is a great opportunity to work with someone extremely knowledgeable in human biomechanics.  Matt O’Neill, or as Bri likes to refer to him as, “Mobility Jesus”, is having a seminar at SPS in Oakland on Saturday Sept. 9th from 12:30-2pm for $30.   Jacqueline, Bri, Helen, Art and myself have all […]

Rite Of Passage 2017!

The Rite of Passage is back in 2017 and REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Our good buddies over at SPS Gym in Oakland are hosting their second annual first-timers meet. Last year, we had several Sweat Shoppers, including myself, compete in our first ever olympic weightlifting competition. If you are are looking to get your feet […]

Sweat Shop Shout Out

This one’s for you Art! Shout out to you buddy! As most of you know, Art suffered an achilles injury and just had surgery not too long ago. You may have seen JB’s Instagram post earlier this week of Art on his legit scooter, or you may have seen him zipping around on it in […]

Mindful Movement

The simplest way to define CrossFit is: constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. Functional movements can be simply defined as a movement pattern done in the gym that can be utilized in real life, such as a squat, which can help you learn how to properly pick up a box off the […]

Moo-Less Mousse

What do you do when you have a drawer full of ripe avocados, a serious hankering for chocolate, and don’t want to leave the house? Moo-less Chocolate Mousse! That’s what! I made some of this tonight and it was AWESOME! I added peanut butter…because…why not? I got this recipe out of the Practical Paleo Cookbook . […]

Harrison Maurus 192 Kilo Clean and Jerk

I got to watch a couple sessions of the Olympic Lifting Pan American Games last week and it was really amazing to see some of the best lifters in the world! My favorite were these darn youth lifters! Some that stuck out were Maddy Myers, a familiar CF girl who is ridiculously strong and this […]

Unbroken and Chill

Chris crushed the WED WOD! I want to give a shout out to all Sweat Shoppers this week! I got a chance to watch a good number of you smash the workouts! This week had some good tests of fitness. A noticeable observation I had was seeing many of you attacking the workouts with the […]