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2018: Continued Excellence With the CrossFit Regionals kicking off this weekend and the Games invites official, I wanted to give a personal shout out and congrats to our ladies who will be representing the Sweat Shop on the big stage. As you all might know, Bri will be heading down next weekend to Del Mar for her FOURTH appearance (3rd […]

Featured Athlete: Megan P.

For those that have noticed the skill and attention to detail of the handwriting on our Sweaty Swag board, and now our newly revamped Leaderboard, you may or may not know that it is compliments of Megan! In addition to her awesome creativity and art skills, I’m super impressed by those like Megan (a NICU […]

Featured Athlete: Mayumi K.

Anyone that has been to a 6am class has undoubtedly trained alongside Mayumi.  She’s the one that can be found flying through metcons with a seemingly never-ending battery.  Despite having three young children, she still finds time to get in the gym and smash workouts first thing in the morning.  Read more about Mayumi below! […]

Featured Athlete: Meghan G.

Meghan is an excellent example of how hard work and consistency pays off!  While she has been training at the Sweat Shop for a couple of years, there was quite a bit of time when she was only able to make it in one time each week.  Nonetheless, she still got her workouts in on […]

Get It In When You Can!

For many of you, this time of year can get hectic as the Holidays are around the corner. Last minute deals need to get done, quotas need to be hit, school winding down with a bunch of tests, or the kids getting crazy and itching for that much needed month off. It’s totally normal to […]

Featured Athlete: Andrew

  Today we’re featuring another man of mystery from the Sweat Shop.  You’re most likely to catch Andrew in the evenings during the week.  If you chat with him you’ll immediately realize he is a geniune and humble person… just don’t ask what he does for a living.  His exercise log is a small black […]

Featured Athlete: Eric L.

Most people would describe Eric as a quite dude, … a mysterious dude that always has a new Porsche.  Even after being a Sweat Shop member for more than 2 years, I’m still finding out new things about Eric.  Just recently he helped coached Jacqueline, Bri, and Helen in the pool as they prepared for […]

Team Series and September Swag!

Congrats to all the Sweat Shoppers who competed in the 2017 Team Series! Sweat Shop had some awesome teams and it was cool to see you all get gritty together for the shared workouts. The team series was a 2-week online competition in which the workouts tested team cohesiveness while forcing each to push to […]

Featured Athlete: Celeste A.

I still remember when Celeste first started at the Sweat Shop.  She started in the class we had for CrossFit beginners, called Fit for CrossFit.  For the first month or two she would only lift the wooden dowel…. even for exercises like the back squat!  Eventually I would add 2 1/2 lb. plates to the […]

Featured Athlete: Livi Y.

If you come to the Sweat Shop in the afternoon, you’ve no doubt worked out with Livi.  One would think that she has the perfect job with zero stress, because every time she comes into the gym she greets us with a warm smile and a super positive attitude!  You can even count on her […]