WOD Overview 6/28/21

It’s been a little over one year since I’ve programmed an entire week for the Sweat Shop, but I recently used some extra time I had on a plane to do just that.  While it’s a challenging and very time consuming process to develop workouts for a large group of people with wide ranging goals, experience, and ability levels, it can also be fun and rewarding to see if your creations play out the way you have intended them to.

While those newer to CrossFit Sweat Shop may not know this, but prior to the pandemic we had a limited number of rowers and bikes, and therefore, were limited in how we programmed workouts with those pieces of equipment.  When the pandemic began it was clear that we needed to invest in additional equipment so that members would not need to share equipment such as the rower or bike.  In my opinion this is just one of the great things that has come from the pandemic!  Programming workouts with only a “buy-in, or “cash-out” with a machine is better than nothing, but it simply doesn’t compare to hopping on a machine for each and every round during a workout.


I tested this workout at a gym we dropped into, to see if elicited the response I thought it would.  While my plan was to do the first 11 minutes with the assault bike, and then the final 11 minutes with the rower, my plans got derailed and was forced to use the ski erg for the final 11 minutes.  I was actually surprised how well the ski erg paired with the ground to overhead (I opted for clean & jerks).  My recommendation for this workout is to either choose a weight that you can perform very quick singles with, or, if it’s a weight that you want to link 5 reps in a row, it should be a challenge to do so.  Also be sure and setup your barbell and box close to your machine to minimize transition time since the rep scheme is short and therefore will mean lots of transitions.  As a reminder, “ground to overhead” means that you have a choice, whether you go with a clean & jerk or if you’d like to snatch the barbell.  If you’ve been working on snatches on the EMOM (every minute on the minute) days, and are eager to test your skills in a conditioning workout, this is a good one to give it a try as the reps on the barbell are pretty low.  As always, it’s fine to scale the weights down, especially if you’re still new to doing snatches in a conditioning workout.  Lastly, be sure and identify exactly which machine you’ll use for the 2nd portion of the workout so that you don’t have to scramble during that 2 minute rest.

“Dueling Banjos”
11min. AMRAP
5 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95) (Bison 155/105)
7 Box Jump Overs
9 Calories
Rest 2 minutes – then pick up where you left off
11min. AMRAP
5 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95) (Bison 155/105)
7 Box Jump Overs
9 Calories (use different machine for final 11min. AMRAP)
The strength option for today is exactly the same as last week.  While variety is great (and it’s a big part of what defines CrossFit) there is also benefit is repetition, especially when it comes to comparing previous results, pushing your limits or perceived limits, and learning from the cues you get from your body while performing familiar movements under familiar loads.


As for part B, many of you may already know I’m a big proponent of strict pullups.  When members ask how they can improve their kipping pullups, get chest to bar pullups, learn butterfly pullups, bar muscle ups, or ring muscle ups, my first response is strict pullups.  In my opinion, the best way to implement strict pullups to improve the above mentioned skills, is doing them unfatigued, and without any additional exercises.  However, you can still reap benefits from strict pullups (even for those folks that already have higher skill movements such as muscle ups) by doing them in conditioning workouts.  Keep in mind, even those doing the ADV. or Beef may want to consider breaking their pullups early on, to prolong their pullup stamina in the latter rounds.  As for hand placement, with strict pullups I recommend trying not only the traditional overhand grip, but also an underhand as well as a mixed grip, and perhaps even mixing it up throughout the course of the workout.
A.) Strength Option :
Back Squat or Front Squat or Overhead Squat
*ascending weights
Conditioning Option:
10 minute alternating EMOM:
Even minute: 30 seconds max calorie
Odd minute:  2 Squats

When in doubt, strict it out!

B.) 9 min. AMRAP
3 Strict Pullups (ADV. 5) (Beef 7)

6 Burpee (ADV. Burpee Over Dumbbell)
12 DB Lunge

2013 Sweat Shop Holiday Party – basically the Catalina Wine Mixer of our small community

The buy-in for today’s workout will take between 7-13 minutes depending on which movement you choose, and whether you decide to go Rx’d or ADV.  Keep in mixing-and-matching is perfectly fine, especially in a workout like this with so many variables.  If the movements in the AMRAP portion look like something you want to spend more time on, going Rx’d for the buy-in will allow you several more minutes to on the AMRAP.  Likewise, if the movements in the AMRAP don’t look too exciting for you, it’s fine to go with the longer (ADV.) buy-in, even if you will be going Rx’d for the AMRAP.  On a similar note, even within just one movement of the AMRAP (the pushup) there are SO MANY progressions to choose from.  Pick one that is challenging, but you can get through in 30-45 seconds.

“Catalina Wine Mixer”
22 minute clock
Buy In: 1 Mile Run, 2K Row, or Bike 5K(men)/4K(women)  (ADV. 1.5mile Run, 3K Row, or Bike 7k(men)/6k(women)
immediately into AMRAP of:
  • 10 Double Unders or 25 Single Unders (ADV. 25 Double Unders)(Beef 35 Double Unders)
  • 10 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV. 6 Toes to Bar) (Beef 10 Toes to Bar)
  • 8(men)/6(women) Pushups (ADV. 8/6 Ring Pushups or 6/4 Ring Dips or 6/4 Handstand Pushups or 10ft. HS Walk) (BEEF 8/6 Handstand Pushups or 20ft. HS Walk)
For part A. I like, and often do this complex myself.  1 Power (clean or snatch) followed by 1 Squat (clean or snatch).  For those good at squat cleans, but not power cleans it’s a good teaching tool to remind you to focus on getting an explosive full extension pull, BEFORE pulling yourself under the barbell.  For those better at power cleans than they are squat cleans it’s a good teaching tool to show you the relationship between a power clean and a squat clean.  In terms of the relationship between the two, when receiving the barbell, the HEAVIER a power clean gets the DEEPER into a squat you should receive the barbell…. until it eventually gets so heavy you receive it in a full squat.  Keep in mind, a failed power clean should result in a successful squat clean.  Lastly, this complex is not meant to be done unbroken.  Perform the power clean, drop the barbell, rest a few seconds, then hit the squat clean.

A.) Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes

1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean -or- 1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch
(ADV. 1 Rep every 90 seconds)

B.) 3 Rounds for time:

Seth absolutely LOVES 2-for-1 Wall Balls!

7 Hang Power Clean (75/55) (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)
10 Wall Balls
7 Hang Power Cleans
10 Wall Balls
70m Run

“Seth’s Sardonic Stigma”

3 Rounds for time:
14 Hang Power Cleans 135/85
20 “2-for-1” Wall Balls

70m Run

Jake does essential work at the gym so his essential work at work doesn’t feel like work.

This is a low skill, high output workout.  You’ll have 1 minute at each exercise, which comes out to 5 Rounds total, and a continous running clock.  The pullups or rope climbs, as well as the sled push shouldn’t take the full minute, so there will be a little built in rest there.  However, utilize your transistions appropriately to get a full 60-seconds on the max calorie machine, and the max rep d-ball or sandbag over the shoulder.  Your total combined reps for these two movements will be your score for the workout.

“Essential Work”
20 minute Alternating EMOM:
  • MAX Reps Calories Any Machine
  • 5 Strict Pullups or 1 Rope Climb (ADV. 2 Rope Climbs) (Beef 1 Short + 1 Regular Rope Climb
  • MAX Reps D-Ball or Sandbag Over the Shoulder
  • (1) 70m Sled Push Rx’d 45/25 (ADV. 70/45) (Beef 90/70)

CrossFit specific shoes aren’t a necessity for doing CrossFit…. except when it comes to rope climbs.

Partner A. performs Max Cals any machine, while Partner B performs 2 Rounds of the (devil’s press, box jump, and step up), once 2 rounds are complete partners switch.  Two part score TOTAL Calories and Total Rounds completed.  If you and your partner are using the same type of machine you can share a machine (if both of you are okay with that), this will make keeping track of total calories at the end much easier.  However, if you’d rather not share, or, one person wants to row, while the other wants to ski or bike, it’s totally fine for each of you to have your own machine.
Two Saturday’s ago we did a classic CrossFit workout “Linda” with a huge turnout.  It made me realize that while myself, and others that have been doing CrossFit for years may have done these workouts so many times there’s little interest in repeating them, there is a large number of relatively new members that may have never done some of these classic CrossFit workouts!  Fran is without a doubt, the most classic of CrossFit workouts.  It is to CrossFitters what the bench press is to gym bros (I know, I used to be one of those bros)!


8:00am, 9:00am & 10:00am Class
“Devil’s Friend Request”
25 minute Partner AMRAP
Partner A. – Max Calories Any Machine
Partner B. – 2 Rounds of:
6 Single Arm Dumbbell Devil’s Press Rx’d 35/20 (ADV. 45/25) (BEEF 50/35)
8 Box Jump Overs
10 Dumbbell Step Ups
11:00am Class
Thrusters 95/65
For today’s workout, keep in mind that “working up to a heavy 3 rep” is not the same as going for a 3 rep max!  With so many different exercises in CrossFit it’s difficult to make progress on all of the exercises, in addition to the various time domains, when most people are only able to workout 3-5 times per week for and hour each time.  And while 12 minutes is certainly not enough time to work up to your 3-rep max, it should allow enough time to work up to a heavy enough load to provide some benefit in improving or at the very least, maintaining your deadlift strength, depending on where you are in the life cycle of your training.


“Raising Cindy from the Dead”
A.) 12 minutes to work up to a heavy 3 Rep Deadlift
B.) For time:
3 Rounds of “Cindy Lite” (ADV. 3 Rounds of “Cindy”) (Beef 4 Rounds of “Cindy”)
then (1) 200m Run
3 Rounds of “Cindy Lite” (ADV. 3 Rounds of “Cindy”) (Beef 4 Rounds of “Cindy”)
then (1) 403m Run
3 Rounds of “Cindy Lite” (ADV. 3 Rounds of “Cindy”) (Beef 4 Rounds of “Cindy”)
then (1) 603m Run (BEEF 800m Run)
“Cindy Lite”
3 Pullups
6 Pushups
12 Air Squats
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats
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