Month: January 2019

1/28/19 WOD Review

Monday Today will be week 5 of 6 for tempo work. As we look towards building long-term strength, we encourage you to use this tempo phase as an opportunity to continue to build a solid foundation for a more “traditional” strength phase in the future. Emphasize movement mechanics over numbers, trust us when we tell you […]

Back to Basics

I feel like its been a while since I’ve written about training tips, so I figured this would be a great opportunity to talk about something that resonated with me recently. Not too long ago our resident P.E. teacher Erin Halonen (you can find her dashing down the 403m course in her signature aviators), sent […]

CrossFit Open 2019

Less than a month out and it’s that time of the year again… Yup, I’m talking about the 2019 CrossFit Open! Beginning on February 21st, CrossFit will post a workout for those who wish to participate. Once they release the workout, usually on Thursday at 5pm, you will have until the following Monday at 5pm […]

Welcome Baby Sadie

Congratulations to long time Sweat Shop members Megan and CJ, who recently welcomed their first child, Sadie, into this world on January 4th.  She weighed in at 7lbs. 2 oz. and measured 18.25 inches long.  If you thought CJ looked like he was sleeping walking in the gym before, wait until you see him now!  […]

Weekly WOD Insights 1/21/19

MONDAY Today’s workout is not meant to be 21 minutes of hell. The running/rowing portions are a bit long on purpose as I want there to be enough “constant moving” opportunities to keep the heart rate moderate yet in control throughout. Choose a squat version and weight that will allow you to be relaxed and […]

Boiling Point

I saw this nice little read that should resonate with a lot of folks out in the fitness and sport world on the concept of approaching “plateaus”. The author uses an analogy of one of life’s more simple tasks; boiling water, and connects it with how we should view training to get over the hump or […]

Move into the new year with movement intelligence!

If you didn’t catch it on the gram (instagram), I am teaming up with our dedicated nooner and chiropractor, Alandi. We are teaming up to integrate both passive and active movement practices to maximize your improvement, all at a great price. We are offering people the chance to have one chiropractic adjustment, and one personal training […]

Single Leg Gains

Over the past month you may have noticed that we’ve included alternate strength options or accessory work to your typical strength days. We believe that this is a great opportunity for you guys to work on and improve any muscular imbalances, stability and just give you guys another means to improve your overall strength. One […]

Weekly WOD insights 1/14/19

Monday  Static holds are often a tool we don’t get to incorporate a lot into our programming, but have a lot of benefit. Be sure to figure out which static hold is most fitting for you. If you’re only able to get 10ish seconds on the chin over bar hold, try out the inverted pull […]

Sweat Shop’s Latest Coach Addition!

I’m proud and excited to announce our latest addition to the Sweat Shop coaching staff, Bri Gaipa!  While most of you probably know that Bri has been a long time Sweat Shop member, you may not know that Bri is CrossFit Level-1 certified and has been a CrossFit coach at Concord CrossFit for many years […]