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Kirkwood Day Trip – a.k.a. Personal Health Day I just got off the phone with your boss, I let him know you won’t be working on Wednesday Feb. 21st.  At first he wasn’t having it, but then I reminded him the importance of “personal health days”, I also explained what a shit-show Tahoe is on […]

Member Spotlight – Robin

Robin is what we call a “coach’s athlete”.  She’s always looking to get better, she welcomes feedback, addresses the exercises she struggles with rather than avoid them, she is consistent,  and is competitive…. with herself.  This humility, determination, and work-ethic is the perfect storm for continued, long-term improvement!  These past few months you may have […]

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Form Creep

Check out this post, originally written by Coach James Barber back in 2018. It’s a good read for those interested staying true to proper technique, and the long-term benefits that it holds. The title on this article caught caught me by surprise, but when I saw it was written by Mark Rippetoe on Starting Strength, […]

CrossFit – Best Way to Stay Fit in 2023

The world has changed significantly over the past few years. When the pandemic forced us to stay home and change our routines things got turned upside down. And while things have for the most part gotten back to “normal”, it’s a new normal different from what we were used to prior to 2020. From virtual […]

May Events at the Sweat Shop

Cinco de Mayo Party – Friday May 5th 6:30pm Tacos, tostilocos, and drinks!   Cherry Picker’s Throwdown – Saturday May 13th A Sweat Shop original intra-gym competition     Memorial Day Murph & BBQ – Monday May 29th “Murph” at 9:00am, immediately followed by BBQ at the Sweat Shop

PRVN Programming Cycle – Power

This week marks the start of a new 8-week cycle in our PRVN programming that we do for our workouts at CrossFit Sweat Shop. For those interested here is some additional insight. —– —— —— We are excited for you to take on our brand new 8 week cycle called the “Power Cycle”.  We will […]