Welcome Coach Cristina!

I’m very excited and proud to announce that Cristina has recently become an official coach at CrossFit Sweat Shop!  Cristina received a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, and similarly to James and I, she also worked at a sports performance training center, Exos Human Performance.  However, unique from any coach we’ve had at the Sweat Shop, Cristina has a background in coaching and competing in gymnastics.  With so many of the exercises we do in CrossFit coming directly from gymnastics, I’m super excited to learn from Cristina and level up my gymnastics skills, and my ability to teach gymnastics to our members!  Since Cristina also works at a clinic in Oakland, you’ll only be able to catch her coaching on Monday evening and the occasional weekend, however, you may have already noticed how quietly, but consistently she has been progressing in all areas of her CrossFitness over the past year!  You can read more info about Cristina here!

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