WOD Overview – Week of 12/27/21



Given that it’s the end of the year/beginning of a new year, and we’ve had several months of consistent strength training since we’ve been back indoors since early in 2021, now’s a good time to test/re-test our 1 rep max.  You’ll see that on this coming Saturday Jan. 1st we have the CrossFit Total programmed, but if you don’t plan on coming Saturday, you’re welcome to use Monday’s part A. to find your 1 Rep Max Back Squat.

For part B. my intention is to have at least 3 minutes after the “buy in” to go-to-town on the machine.  If you struggle with pullups, stay with the down ups instead of burpees as that will save your arms a bit for the pullups.  Use a band if you aren’t able to get your chin on top of the pullup bar for each rep.  Select a band that prior to the workout starting, allows you to get at least 4 or 5 reps, but not one that you can easily perform 9 or more.  Other tips to help are to try gripping the bar with a chin up grip, or a mixed grip.  Lastly, and this will likely be the case for most everyone, perform quick, intentional breaks on your pullups BEFORE you have to, not once you are forced to.

Rosa, Alyssa and Cristina after finishing the Spartan Race last month!

A.) Back or Front Squat


*ascending weights


B.) 9 minute clock for MAX Calories on Machine:
Buy In:
4 Rounds of: (BEEF 5 Rounds)
7 Strict Pullup
7 Down Ups (ADV. Burpees)
12 Jumping Air Squat

then Max Calories Any Machine in time remaining




I’ve programmed this format with many different exercises and it’s always been effective.  And while this time I’m adding in a middle portion, it’s not to add additional variety, rather, to practice some of the higher skill movements while fatigued, but not completely exhausted.  Whichever movement and level (Rxd, ADV., Beef) you choose, you should be able to complete the movement in 3 minutes or less, which will give you 1 minute of rest after part A., time to complete the movement, then 1 additional minute of rest before starting part C.  Only choose the strict pullups if you missed them on Monday.

These days you can usually find Charlie on top side of the pullup bar or perhaps the rings!

A.)  Alternating Every Minute for 10 minutes:
Even Minute: Max Calories Machine
Odd Minute:  Max Rep D-Ball or Sandbag Over the Shoulder


B.) 5 minute clock: choose only 1 movement to complete

2 Rope Climbs (ADV. 4) (BEEF 5)

50 Double Unders (ADV. 100) (BEEF 150)

30 ft. Handstand Walking(accumulate in any increments) (ADV. 60 ft.) (BEEF 90 ft.)

12 Strict Pullups (ADV. 8 (men) / 6 (women) Bar Muscle Up)
(BEEF 12/9 Bar MU) (Bison 15 (men) / 12 (women) Ring MU)


C.)  Alternating Every Minute for 10 minutes:
Even Minute: Max Calories Machine
Odd Minute:  Max Rep Wall Ball






Originally programmed back in June of this year, then again at the end of September.  Now most people will have an oppotunity to retest.  It’s been long enough time to allow for some fitness improvements to take place, but not so long that you forgot your strategy or how you approached it your first go around.  Given the low rep scheme and the 2 minute rest, the intention is to be able to move “quick” the whole time.  Don’t get enticed by a heavier barbell if you can’t at the very least do very quick singles with the weight.  Larger classes will need to identify exactly which machine they’ll be using for the second portion to make for a seamless transition during that 2 minute rest.

“Dueling Banjos” compare 6/28/21 & 10/1/21

11min. AMRAP
5 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95) (Bison 155/105)
7 Box Jump Overs
9 Calories
Rest 2 minutes – then pick up where you left off
11min. AMRAP
5 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95) (Bison 155/105)
7 Box Jump Overs
9 Calories (use different machine for final 11min. AMRAP)


This is essentially a 6 Round workout where your score is the total number of Calories & Lunges combined.  The sled is intentionally meant to be light and the rope climbs are meant to take less than 1 minute to complete.  Therefore these are your two movements that should provide some active recovery.  (for those that aren’t able yet to climb the rope, simply perform 3 modified rope climbs instead of 1 regular rope climb)  The machine and the overhead lunge on the other-hand are meant to be a full send!  If you’ve never done an overhead barbell lunge it may seem intimidating, but if you have good shoulder mobility and stability (different from just having “strong shoulders”) I think you may surprise yourself with this movement.  Basically if you can confidently lock the barbell in the correct position overhead, the movement becomes much more of a leg and core movement.  However, if you struggle to get the barbell in the proper overhead position the main challenge you will feel will be in your shoulders.  If that’s the case it’s better to just rack the barbell on your back or the front rack.  Lastly, for our competitive folks, I know the Beef weight is not very heavy, but rather than scaling up to a heavier weight I encourage you to stay with the programmed weight, and simply get more reps!


24 minute Alternating EMOM
Minute 1: Max Any Machine
Minute 2:  1 Rope Climb (ADV. 2) (BEEF 1 Short + 1 Regular Rope Climb)
Minute 3:  Max Rep Overhead Barbell Lunge 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)
Minute 4:  70 meter Sled Push 50lbs (men) / 25lbs. (women)



For the Oly EMOM I like this sequence of lift because I think it helps reinforce the similarities, and differences of the power vs. the squat for both the clean and snatch.  Here’s what I mean.  I still see members that have been lifting for a while and are proficient at performing one (power or squat) but not the other.  Often times I see people are able to correctly execute a squat clean or squat snatch, but the power version looks like a completely different movement, one that lacks proper use of the legs and hips to propel the bar upward and/or lacks a proper pull under the barbell into the catch position… and far too often lacks the ability, or understanding, or willingness to control that bar in the catch position, before standing up.  Watch any competitive olympic weightlifter, even their max power clean or snatch looks almost identical to the squat version, the only difference is depth in which they receive the barbell.
For part B. the intent is to have at least 45 seconds each round for the jump rope.  When choosing a weight for the power clean, you should feel confident about quickly linking at least 3 reps at a time.  Don’t let all that quality practice from part A. go to waste!  Power Cleans CAN be performed quickly AND with good technique!

A.) 2 Clean or 2 Snatch every minute for 12 minutes
1st Rep – Power Clean or Power Snatch
2nd Rep – Squat Clean or Squat Snatch

B.)  4 Rounds
2:30 ea. Round
200m Run
6 Power Cleans 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95) (Bison 9@135/95)
Max Rep Double or Single Unders in the Remaining Time
REST 30 seconds before starting next round


On Memorial Day of this year lots of Sweat Shoppers did “Murph”.  Many used a weight vest and/or performed the reps “straight through”.  While that’s still an option for today, I also want to provide, what I believe to be, a bit more “responsible” exercise prescription.  And to encourage more participants I’ve created a fun competition, with 5 divisions and prizes for the top team in each division.


8:00am “Murph” or Partner Murph
1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Here are the divisions:
  • Female/Female
  • Male/Male
  • Coed
  • Combined Age 95 or more (guys, girls or mixed partners)
  • Combined Age 105 or more (guys, girls or mixed partners)


Workout Details:

  • At “3,2,1… Go!” Both partners start the first 1 mile run, together.
  • If partner 1 completes the mile while their partner 2 is still running, he or she CAN begin on the Pullups, Pushups, Air Squats, while waiting for  partner 2 to finish the run.
  • Only 1 person can be working on the pullups, pushups and air squats at time
  • Reps can be partitioned however you choose (i.e. straight through, 20 rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats,…. etc.)
  • 1 Partner (presumably the slower runner) CAN start the second mile at any time, leaving the other partner to finish the reps by themself and catch up on the run!  This will not only ensure both people get an intense workout, but also allow partner teams to strategize and capitalize on each other’s strengths!
  • No reps can left to be performed after completing the second mile run.
  • The team’s time is recorded once both partners have completed the second mile run.
  • Scaling pull-ups or pushups is fine, as is rowing or biking for those that can’t run…. however, in order to qualify for the prizes both partners must complete pullups, pushups and air squats Rx’d, and both partners must run both miles.
  • Weight vests are not required to be qualify for prizes
CrossFit Total
1 Rep Max Back Squat
1 Rep Max Deadlift
1 Rep Max Strict Shoulder Press


If you did the CrossFit Total the day before, no need to do part A.  For everyone else, keep in mind the 15 minutes is used to work up to a “heavy” 3 Rep Deadlift, which is not the same as “find your 3-rep max deadlift” in 15 minutes.  My suggestion is to perform 1 or 2 sets at about 125% of what you plan to use for part B.  (i.e. if you’re a guy planning to go Bison for part B. working up to one or two sets of 345 for part A. is perfect!)  For part B. the deadlift weight should be something that you can do during the workout breaking it no more than once each round…. or when warming up, prior to the workout, you should be able to do at least one set of 8 reps unbroken.  Lastly, given that there is a barbell movement, and two gymnastics movements in the this workout there is lots of room for customization.  Mix and match to create the workout that’s right for you. (the hanging knee raises or toes to bar should be done with 2 or less breaks)  The wall walks or handstand walks should take no more than 1 minute.


A.) 15 minutes to work up to a heavy 3-Rep Deadlift


B.) 5 Rounds for time:
8 Deadlifts 165/115 (ADV. 205/145) (BEEF 255/175) (Bison 275/195)
2 Wall Walks (ADV. 15 ft. Handstand Walk) (BEEF 30ft. Handstand Walk) (Bison 45 ft HS Walk)
10 Hanging Knee Raises (ADV. 6 Toes to Bar) (Beef 9 Toes to Bar) (Bison 12 T2B)
15 (men) / 12 (women) Calories Any Machine  (BEEF & Bison 18 (men) / 15 (women) Calories Any Machine