Month: October 2022

Weekly Workouts 10/31/2022

Just want to take a moment and say I’m excited to program for the class! I come from a background of loving the old school hypertrophy, push/pull days. Plus I have much respect for those trainers leading the way on mobility included into their strength training. So you’ll see examples of these in the coming […]

Weekly WODs 10/24/22

Monday We got some movement variety for ya today! We have a little bit of overhead pressing, some gymnastics practice, and some lateral movement. If you look at CrossFit as a whole, almost all movements occur in the sagital plane (forward or backward movement). While there are amazing movements that occur in this plane, its […]

Weekly WOD insights 10/17/22

Monday  Starting off the week with some meat and potatoes strength. We are gonna work on our push pull patterns and then finish it off with a quick little burner. Instead of having the strength be an emom, or just traditional sets, it is going to be like a met con with a focus on […]

Weekly WOD Insights 10/10/22

Monday  Today is continuing with the theme of barbell heavy workouts we have a nice blend of complex and non complex barbell movements. You amy notice that the barbell movements get less complex as you get deeper into the workout. I did this intentionally because I know it is harder to keep an emphasis on […]

Weekly WOD insights 10/03/2022

Monday  You may notice the strength format is similar to last weeks, and thats because it is…..the same. As a staff we agreed that this format is great for getting strength work in and quality gymnastics while providing us with the opportunity to adequately coach people on both. There is an option to increase the […]