Month: September 2018

10/1/18 WOD Review

Monday For today’s skill session, we’re going to bring it back to basics for all levels. Both movements will focus on isometric holds in order to reinforce good positioning/mechanics. Pick a version of each movement that is challenging yet you are able to hold for at least 20 seconds. As for your main workout today, […]

Barefoot Power

Recently I went to a concert (a regular concert, not a rave) in Sacramento this past Saturday to see a couple artists perform. Some of the ones I was more looking forward to were Bastille, The Dirty Heads (Britney is a big fan), and one of my favorite artists of all time, Odesza. We decided […]

Weekly WOD insights 9/24/18

Monday People have been getting much better at their handstands and other skills as of late due to all of our focused skill work, so I wanted to be sure to keep working that in. I want to focus on the handstand walk since it is a bit more tricky than the handstand pushup. For […]

Don’t Just Fix It and Forget It – Trends in Cues

“keep your chest up on those wall balls!”  is something I cued a Sweat Shop member on a week ago.  Or “keep the outside of your foot driving through the ground” was a cue I gave a different member just yesterday on the air squat.  Which got me thinking, while we may be giving you […]

Rite of Passage 2018

Our good friends over at Speed Power Strength in Oakland are gearing up for their annual Rite of Passage Weightlifting competition November 17-18. What’s great about this specific competition is that it’s geared for those who have NEVER lifted in a sanctioned USAW event. Although it’s still about 2 months out, committing now would give you plenty of time to prepare and […]

Weekly WOD Insight 9/17/18

Were falling into Fall. My favorite season. Pumpkin spice on everything. Let’s take advantage of these last couple weeks of amazingly mild weather. I hope you can join me for the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) option on Sunday! MONDAY Same story as the last couple weeks with our Oly lifting EMOM here. If you […]

Peak Power Rowing/Bri @ Granite Games!

Congrats to Bri who competed amongst the top dogs in CrossFit @ the 2018 Granite Games in Minnesota last weekend! For this competition, qualifying was a 2-week, worldwide online qualifier which took the top 35 for the pro division. The top 35 traveled to Minnesota to throw down in a grueling 4-day competition. While we […]

CrossFit Team Series and Dubai CrossFit Championship

Coming up in just under a week, the CrossFit Team Series will be commencing! Every year the Sweat Shop has had a few groups come together and test their fitness with the workouts. I always find it as a good time to grab your workout buddy and see how you guys do together! Unlike the CrossFit […]

The Sport of Fitness or Functional Fitness?

Recently I was sent an an E-mail via one of the regular electronic newsletters I receive. The topic was the recent change in the CrossFit Games structure and how it may potentially affect CrossFit gyms worldwide. Essentially CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman wants to usher in a new focus on health and sustainability, as opposed to the current state […]

Weekly WOD Insight 9/10/18

Before getting into the workouts here are some things/services I discovered over the weekend (or just recently) that I would recommend: Límon Rotisiere – Walnut Creek – the ceviche, pisco sours and poke are all awesome! Canesa’s Brooklyn Heros – Clayton – i’m not a huge sandwich fan, but these are really good! Ben & […]