Month: March 2019

Weekly WOD Review 4/1/19

Monday Today’s skill session will be focused on Handstand Push Ups or Handstand Walks. The movements you all will be able to choose from are those that focus on shoulder strengthening/stability as well as core strength/endurance. There are plenty of movements to choose from, but please keep in mind that if you don’t feel comfortable […]

Cherry Picker’s Throwdown

The first CrossFit competition I’ve ever done was 10 years ago, almost to the day.  After the very first CrossFit Games in the summer of 2007, CrossFit Oakland (where I was working out at the time) was preparing their competitors for the upcoming 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California.  CrossFit Oakland hosted a throwdown for […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/25/19

MONDAY The intent on this workout is to have a light/moderate workload in the middle and finishing with some intensity in the cash outs. That being said, the workout effect will be different from the rxd/advanced version and the beef/bison version. The Rx’d/Adv version allows those of you who want to challenge yourself on the […]

Weekly WOD insights 3/17/19

Monday  I want to keep getting into these longer time domains. After seeing Marko program the 30 min workout the other week it seemed like we could use some more practice in these longer domains. We need to be able to pace for all types of workouts and I think these more aerobic style workouts give […]

Weekly WOD Review 3/11/19

Monday Today’s EMOM is just like any ordinary 12:00 EMOM. The only difference is that everyone will be dropping down to singles for the second half. Two reasons for this, if you’re comfortable with the Clean & Jerk this will allow you to build to a challenging single for the day or spend the last […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/4/19

MONDAY If you don’t already know, after 7+ years at the Sweat Shop, Carolyn, (aka Gomer) is moving to San Jose. Gomes, it’s been great having such a loyal and positive member at the Sweat Shop like you. Thanks for always showing genuine appreciation and love to the coaches (even when we’ve pissed each other off) and […]