Prospective Members FAQ     (New Members FAQ Scroll to bottom)

Getting Started –

What is CrossFit?
The official definition of CrossFit is “Varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. But simply put, CrossFit is a well-rounded exercise program that doesn’t focus on one aspect of fitness. For example, one day you’ll come in and work on getting stronger and another day the focus will be on improving your cardio. Within those workouts, you’ll perform a wide range of movements that are sure to keep things fresh and exciting.

Who is CrossFit for?
CrossFit is for everyone and for all skill levels! It’s a coach-led, class based exercise program that gets you working out with your friends in a fun and safe environment.

I’ve never done CrossFit, what are my options to getting started?
We offer a trial session for those interested in trying out our gym.  You can choose to do your trial session either as a 1-on-1 session, or in one of our regular CrossFit Classes.  Either of these options are free of charge!  Setup a trial 1-on-1 or trial class here.

Do you offer Private Training?
Yes!  Whether you’re new to CrossFit and just want a few sessions to bring you up to speed before joining our classes, or you simply prefer the individualization of 1-on-1 training over the class training, our coaches are available and have years of experience training kids and adults of all fitness and experience levels.

Do I have to have prior CrossFit experience or an exercise background before joining?
Absolutely NOT! A majority of our members have started with little to no experience at all.

Membership and Classes –

What are your membership prices?
We have membership monthly memberships including 1x a week or an Unlimited option. There are no contracts and no sign-up fees.  We offer discounts for police, fire, and military, as well as a couples discount.  You can check out more info on pricing, cancellation/hold policies, and even sign up here!

What time are your classes?
We have 6-9 classes per day Monday through Friday, 4 classes on Saturday, and 2 classes on Sunday. Plenty of opportunities for you to get your exercise in. We also have an open gym at 7:30pm Monday through Thursday, 7:00am Monday through Friday, and 11:00am Saturday for members who want to come in and get some additional work in on their own. Here is a full calendar of our weekly schedule.

Class Structure and Programming –

What is a WOD?
WOD stands for Workout of the Day. Each class throughout the day completes the same workout, and workouts vary from day to day. You can check out what’s in store for the weekly programming here. Our programming is done weekly by our coaches so that each workout benefits our own special population of members.

How is the programming written?
We program with multiple levels of experience in mind. Typically, you’ll see 3 levels which are our Rx’d, Advanced, and Beefy options. Our Rx’d option is geared towards the general population, with the intention of coming in to get a good sweat and hangout with your peers. You’ll see simple movements designed to keep you moving throughout the entire workout and having fun while you’re at it! Advanced folks typically have been doing CrossFit for some time now and look for a little bit more of a challenge. We’ll incorporate more advanced movements and up their rep scheme so they can continue to make progress throughout their entire fitness endeavor. As for our beefy option, a small portion of our gym enjoys competing at local comps so we like to prepare them for those situations. Typically, a “beefy” workout contains high skill movements and should be reserved for those that can demonstrate excellent movement quality on a regular basis.  Read more about our programming here.

What if I can’t do a specific exercise in a workout?
Never fear! All of our coaches have the capability to scale any workout to fit your current fitness level. We can take any movement and simplify it for you, or even substitute exercises so you can still get the same stimulus as everyone else. Whatever the case may be, there is always an option for everyone!

How is a typical class run?
The coach of your class will always start off by bringing everyone together for a class warm up. The class warm up includes any stretches, mobility exercises, or activation movements that are geared specifically to what you’ll be performing for the WOD. Afterwards, you’ll talk about the workout of the day at the whiteboard and go over any modifications/strategies the coach feels may be necessary. Then under the watchful eye of your coach, you’ll get to exercise! Typically, we leave a few minutes at the end of class for those that want to get extra accessory or stretching in as well.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.



New Members FAQ

Can I bring my children?
It’s ok to bring your children, but please keep in mind that it is your responsibility that they are not on the gym floor while members are exercising.  They must stay in the lounge at all times for their safety and so that we can keep focus our attention on all of the members in class. We recommend bringing something that would normally keep them occupied for a couple of hours.

Do you have a shower?
Yes!  Just bring you’re own towel.

Do I need to buy CrossFit specific shoes?
You may see members wearing Nobulls, Reebok Nanos, or Nike Metcons and wonder if you need to buy a pair as well. Although these shoes were created for the activity of CrossFit and good all-around shoes, they aren’t absolutely necessary to participate in CrossFit. We recommend wearing something that is comfortable enough for you to run, jump, and squat in.

What are those fancy shoes people wear for squats?
The shoes you might see people changing into before doing squats, cleans or snatches are called weightlifting shoes. Although they do add some benefit in regards to weightlifting, they are absolutely NOT necessary for general fitness needs. So, no need to rush out and buy yourself a pair during your first few months of CrossFit. As you become more accustomed to weightlifting, you may be interested in purchasing yourself a pair and at that point feel free to speak with one of your coaches to help solidify your decision.

What is Beyond the Whiteboard?
Beyond the Whiteboard is our online website that we use to share workouts for the entire week with all of you. From the website, you can do anything from check out upcoming workouts, log your results from that day, and see how your fellow Sweat Shoppers are doing on the workout of the day. What we think is a valuable tool is the fact that you guys can easily look back and compare workouts that we repeat down the road. Beyond the Whiteboard conveniently provides you with your previous results to strength sessions and metcons right under the workout of the day. Check out Beyond the Whiteboard here!

Do I have to pay for Beyond the Whiteboard?
No! Your Beyond the Whiteboard membership is included in your monthly membership with the Sweat Shop. In order to access it though, you will need to provide any of the coaches with your email address and from there we can send you the link to get you all set up! Easy! We strongly recommend creating your Beyond the Whiteboard account as soon as possible so you can begin tracking your progress from the very beginning.

Do I need a notebook for class?
You may see some members with notebooks and some checking out their phones at the whiteboard or at the beginning of class. In either case, members are looking back to compare their results from the past. Ideally, in order to save time from flipping through pages and pages of workouts we recommend downloading the Beyond the Whiteboard app onto your phone so you can see past results in seconds! With that being said, a notebook for class is not necessary but your phone might be!

Where should I park?
Please do your best to park in the spots marked “CrossFit”, however there are times during our busier classes where all of these spots may be taken.  Parking in the other spots is fine aside from the ones marked “Scania” and “German Sport” which are located to your right, just when you are entering from North Main St. When you drive up to the gym, please be VERY AWARE OF YOUR SPEED. There are members and children that may run out of the gym for warmups or workouts at a moments notice and we would like to maintain a safe environment!  Thanks!

What should I do on days I don’t come to CrossFit?
Most members start with 2x/week or 3x/week and that’s totally fine! But sometimes members aren’t sure what to do on the days they don’t come to the gym. More often than not, you guys will be a little sore and the days you don’t make it to the Sweat Shop are great opportunities to focus on recovery. Recovery can be taking the time to focus on your diet, take a yoga class, or even go for a nice walk or hike. Recovery can also simply mean just resting! As you start off in CrossFit, it’s important to remember to give your body some time to rebuild itself after each workout.

What should I be eating?
There are many suggested ways to eat out there in the real world. As you comb through the internet or listen to other people talk about diet you may feel as if there is a never-ending amount of do’s and do not’s. Totally understandable! It’s important to remember that you want to eat in order to perform and have energy! Unfortunately, there is no one way fits all in this category so feel free to sit down with one of your coaches to discuss your eating habits more in depth.

How do I know how much weight I should be using?
By now you may have noticed that for conditioning workouts we will include suggested weights for different levels of fitness and goals. Sometimes we’ll included suggested percentages for strength sessions also. Overwhelming at first, but just remember these are only suggestions and not requirements. As you are relatively new to CrossFit, we strongly recommend focusing on your quality of movement BEFORE the amount of weight you use. The goal in your first few months should be to move well and build a solid foundation for your health and fitness journey. A good tip would be to leave yourself notes after each workout about the weights you used and let “future you” know if it’s ok to increase a little bit next time around!