Author: Nabil

Cherry Picker’s Throwdown

The first CrossFit competition I’ve ever done was 10 years ago, almost to the day.  After the very first CrossFit Games in the summer of 2007, CrossFit Oakland (where I was working out at the time) was preparing their competitors for the upcoming 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas, California.  CrossFit Oakland hosted a throwdown for […]

CrossFit Open 2019 & Main Event Saturdays

After issues with 3 devices, multiple failed exams, and 1 full work day, I’m happy to announce that I have passed the 2019 CrossFit Online Judges course!  Which can only mean one thing…. the CrossFit Open Season is here!  And while there have been some big changes in the qualification process (i.e. you have to […]

Welcome Baby Sadie

Congratulations to long time Sweat Shop members Megan and CJ, who recently welcomed their first child, Sadie, into this world on January 4th.  She weighed in at 7lbs. 2 oz. and measured 18.25 inches long.  If you thought CJ looked like he was sleeping walking in the gym before, wait until you see him now!  […]

Sweat Shop’s Latest Coach Addition!

I’m proud and excited to announce our latest addition to the Sweat Shop coaching staff, Bri Gaipa!  While most of you probably know that Bri has been a long time Sweat Shop member, you may not know that Bri is CrossFit Level-1 certified and has been a CrossFit coach at Concord CrossFit for many years […]

Weekly WOD Insight 12/3/18

 – – – – –  Reminder – – – – – Holiday Party this Saturday December 8th 6:30pm at the Sweat Shop Saturday Dec. 8th, 8:00am & 9:00am Class Only Sunday Dec. 9th – No Classes   Monday – Lots of options to choose from in regards to pullups.  Choose the version that you can […]

Get a Grip!

                              If you are happy with your bar muscle ups or toes to bar, this post isn’t for you.  For everyone else, take note!  Those that have been to one of my classes in the last month or two have likely […]

Weekly WOD Overview 11/5/18

    Monday With the time change on Sunday it’s going to be getting dark really early now.  We’ll have head lamps at the gym for anyone in the later classes that still want to get out and enjoy a run in the mild evening temperatures.  I’ve also added some longer row and bike distances […]

Weekly WOD Overview

  Monday Rather than 15 minutes straight AMRAP this one is broken up with just a little run and some double unders.  Even though it’s not the same movement pattern, the double unders can still make the pullups and pushups challenging, so Rx’d, ADV. and BEEF folks should break up the pushups or ring dips […]

Don’t Just Fix It and Forget It – Trends in Cues

“keep your chest up on those wall balls!”  is something I cued a Sweat Shop member on a week ago.  Or “keep the outside of your foot driving through the ground” was a cue I gave a different member just yesterday on the air squat.  Which got me thinking, while we may be giving you […]

Weekly WOD Insight 9/10/18

Before getting into the workouts here are some things/services I discovered over the weekend (or just recently) that I would recommend: Límon Rotisiere – Walnut Creek – the ceviche, pisco sours and poke are all awesome! Canesa’s Brooklyn Heros – Clayton – i’m not a huge sandwich fan, but these are really good! Ben & […]