WOD Overview – 6/13/22


For those that don’t want to run you’re welcome to choose a 2000 meter row or ski, or a 5K(men)/4K(women) Bike.  Whichever version you choose you should have at least 3:00 minutes of rest prior to starting the second part of this workout.  To get the intended amount of time on the machine each time, choose a pull-up/muscle-up version, and kettlebell weight that can be done unbroken, or with just one QUICK break.  Don’t expect the one minute rest to give you complete recovery, just enough to still move confidently through the pull-ups and kettlebell swings.

0:00 – 12:00

1 Mile Run

starting at minute 12:00

4 Rounds for Max Meters

3:00 minutes ea. Round
7 Pullups (ADV. 5/3 Chest to Bar Pullups or Bar Muscle Ups) (Beef 7/5 Bar Muscle Ups)
15 KB Swings (ADV. 70/44) (Beef – American KB Swings @ 70/53)
Max Meters Any Machine

REST 1 minute between Rounds

——– ——– —————-


I believe the power clean followed by the squat clean is a excellent format for teaching the relationship between the two movements (same goes for power snatch, followed by squat snatch), as well as reinforcing full extension on the squat clean.  For experienced lifters who are moving heavier loads, 2 reps every minute can get to be rather taxing, therefore, the ADV. option is dropping down to 1 rep every minute after the first 7 sets.  You’re welcome to choose whether you prefer power or squat for the final 8 sets.  For part B. the calorie buy-in should take around 2.5-3 minutes, then select a barbell weight that at the very least can be done in quick singles…. leaving just enough time to finish with a 200 meter run before time expires.  Your score will be how many reps you got with the barbell.  Remember, “ground-to-overhead” just means you have the option of choosing clean & jerk or snatches!

A.) Every 1:00 for 15:00
1 Power Clean + Jerk
1 Squat Clean + Jerk

B.) 7:00 minute clock
40(men)/30(women) Calorie Row (Beef 50/40 Calorie Row)
As many reps of Ground to Overhead  (75/55) (ADV. 95/65) (Beef 115/75) -leaving just enough time to complete a
200m Run before time expires


————– ——————-

Good technique will yield quicker results, continual gains, and minimize risk of injury. Solid work keeping these pushups during “Murph” legit Alyssa and Bridget! Photo credit Sarah Groman




Since part B. doesn’t have anything heavy or too high skill to spend warming up for, I’ve added an 8-minute gymnastics development segment to start things off.  Use this as an opportunity to either develop the necessary strength to perform higher skill movements such as muscle ups and handstand walks, or if you already have those movements, use it as an opportunity to practice these higher skill movements in a “controlled environment”.  Leave at least 20 seconds for rest during each minute.  Part B. is intended to be 17-20 minutes of steady, intense, movement.  Don’t stress if you don’t want to run, this workout will elicit the same effect with a row, bike or even ski erg. 

A.) 8:00 minute Alternating EMOM – Gymnastics Development
3-5 Strict Pullups or Muscle Up practice
1 Wall Walk w/ 20-30 second hold (ADV. Handstand Pushups) (Beef Handstand Walk)

B.) 4 Rounds for time
403m Run
15 Wall Balls (ADV. 18) (Beef 25)
10 Hanging Knee Raises (ADV. 6 Toes to Bar) (Beef 12 Toes to Bar)
10 Box Jump Overs (Beef 15)


———————— ————–


Last week we had a 500 meter row as part B.  If you did that workout you should have a good idea of what you are capable of for this short sprint.  Given that your legs will be fresh for this go around a PR of even 2-3 seconds is a huge win for such a short workout.  If you are a sprint/power athlete it may take you quite a while to recover from part A., if you are more of an endurance athlete you’ll likely feel recovered soon after, and you may even feel like it was a good warm-up for part B.  For part B. this is a good opportunity to develop some full body strength with both the deadlift and the dumbbell bench press, or ring dips as you’ll be getting 6 sets of each movement.  It’s also a chance to practice double unders, just keep your double under working time to 40 seconds or less so you have some built in recovery and can maximize your strength sets on the other two movements.

“Unkind Rewind”

A.) Time Trial – 500 meter Row

B.) 18:00 minute Alternating EMOM

  • 7 Dumbbell Bench Press or Ring Dips
  • 5 Deadlifts approx 75-80% 1 RM
  • 30 Double Unders (ADV. 40) (Beef 50)


———————- —————-


Want to maximize strength gains and lift the heaviest weight possible?  Choose back squats for part A.  Or are you a beginner or intermediate snatcher that wants to get more comfortable with snatch technique, or more confident recieving heavier snatches at the bottom of your squat?  Choose overhead squats for part A.  I’m becoming more and more a fan of partner workouts, the simpler the better.  We did this one a few weeks back.  Random fact, if you want to play the original Excite Bike game, they have it set up at World Famous Hotboys in Walnut Creek.

A.) Back Squat or Overhead Squat

B.)  “Excite Bike” – Partner Workout

7 Rounds each person
8 Calorie Bike
8 Burpees


———————– ——————


For this partner workout only one person will be working at time, except during the runs.  Given the short rep scheme, my suggestion is to alternate movements…. meaning, while partner A. starts with ground-to-overhead, partner B. is already setup on the machine, as soon as partner A. finishes the ground to overhead, partner B. can start SMASHING on the machine, meanwhile partner A. can make their way to the pull-up bar and be ready to go as soon as they get the green light from partner A.  Splitting the workout this way eliminates transition times and has allows you to alternate which movements you’re doing each round.  The runs at minute 8:00 and 16:00 are to give your arms a little break from the pullup or muscle ups… keep that in mind if you need to use a machine as an alternative to the run.

24:00 minute Partner AMRAP

4 Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (Beef 135/95)
10(men)/8(women) Calories Any Machine
6 Pullups (ADV. Chest to Bar) (Beef Bar or Ring Muscle Up)

*one person working at a time, split work however you like
*at minutes 8:00 & 16:00 both partners take off for a 403m Run


———– ————————–


Another opportunity to develop some foundational strength in the horizontal press.  Especially good if you’re looking to improve, or perhaps get your first ring muscle up.  My bros from the Golden Era of body building will scoff at the idea of 12-minutes to do bench press, but primary goal here is not to get a full chest workout in, rather, another opportunity during the week to improve our strength in the horizontal press and/or neuromuscular control on the rings.  Part B. is 20 minutes of conditioning, keep the sled weight light enough that you can confidently make it 70 meters is well under 60 seconds to allow for the transition time and a little built in rest.  Sandbag/d-ball can be light for lots of reps and no rest, or heavy for fewer reps and more rest, you decide. 

A.) 12:00 minutes to accumulate at least 3 sets of 7 Rep
Bench Press -or- Dumbbell Bench Press -or- Ring Dips

B.) 20- minute clock

0:00 – 10:00 Alternating EMOM
Max Calories Any Machine
Max Sandbag or D-Ball Over the Shoulder

10:00 – 20:00
Max Calories Any Machine
70 Sled Push