Month: November 2022

Workouts for week 11/28-12/4

Monday A) 10 minutes to work up to a 10 rep max back squat B) 20 minutes emom Row calories (rx: 10/8)(adv: 12/10)(beef:15/12) Thrusters @ 95/65 (rx: 10)(adv: 12)(beef: 15) Bike calories (rx: 10/8)(adv: 12/10)(beef:15/12) Rope climbs (rx: 3 pull to stand)(adv: 2/1)(beef: 3/2). **last round max reps on each movement within the minute** Today, […]

WODs 11/21/22- 11/27/22

Monday 11/21  Part A: Every 3 min x 5 5 Back Squat 5+5 Squat Jumps   Part B: Alt. 10 min EMOM 10 Shoulder to Overhead + Max Cal in time remaining 10 Front Squat + Max Cal in time remaining   For part A, I programmed back squats pairs with squat jumps. Pairing strength […]

Weekly WOD Overview – 11/14/22

  Monday Skill/technique is best trained in lower intensity environments, while “fitness” can be developed with low skill, high intensity environments.  For most of us, the limiting factor on olympic lifts is technique.  Improve the technique and your olympic lifting numbers will go up!  Once part A. is all done with, the skill needed for […]

Weekly Workouts 11/7/2022

MONDAY I like having Monday’s reserved for squat days. But I also like all the clean work we got in last week. So today I’ll try to add everything together by isolating the pull under the bar allowing for a squat movement as well. And if you guys haven’t noticed, I’m a firm believer in […]