Month: March 2018

Self-Confidence: A State of Mind

Confidence is most commonly viewed as driven purely by innate ability or personality. While there may be some traits that allow one to be more GENERALLY confident than others, (I’m not an expert in psychology), I think that self-confidence, or lack thereof, is a state of mind. However, I don’t think this mindset is necessarily […]

Anti-What? Anti-Rotation!

Planks Hollow Holds Dead Bugs Sound familiar? The 3 exercises mentioned are great for improving core strength, thus the reason why we incorporate them in our weekly programming. Take a look at these exercises now… Suitcase Deadlifts Single Leg Dumbbell RDLs Pallof Press Some of these may not look so familiar right? These are examples […]

Quadricep Recovery and 18.5 Video…..Almost!

In CrossFit we tend to use the squat fairly frequently, in a variety of forms. Whether it’s the air squat, back or front squat, squat clean or squat snatch, or wallballs, we see the squat show up a lot in CrossFit! This is with good reason, because it is one of the pillars of any […]

CrossFit Open Intramural Wrap Up

As the dust is just barely settling on the 2018 CrossFit Open many of us are now looking forward to getting back to working out just for the sake of working out.  And before we get to those that will be moving on to the next round of qualifiers, here’s the final point standings for […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/26

Monday We’re going to get some position work in today with snatches from the hang. For the hang, we first deadlift the weight up, establish full hip extension, and then take our lift anywhere from the hip crease to the knee. Check out this video for a demo of a Hang Squat Snatch. If mobility […]

Form Creep

The title on this article caught caught me by surprise, but when I saw it was written by Mark Rippetoe on Starting Strength, I thought it’s probably another one of his goodies! I like to refer to Rippetoe a lot, not just in training, but when I also teach in the classroom. While he can come off […]

18.4 Highlight Vid!

Great job Sweat Shoppers! Another outstanding round of performances in the books for 18.4! The combo of deadlifts, handstand pushups/pushups and walks were brutal for sure. It was awesome watching a lot of you go for your first handstand pushup! We’ll see what Castro cooks up for us this final week. I hope you enjoy this […]

Kinetic Chain Deadlifts

By now many of us have have attacked 18.4 and as per usual the Open has exposed a weakness we should aim to improve: heavy deadlifting. For many many of us, the deadlift was our first exposure to a lower body compound movement. When you think about it, its such a simple movement. You pick something up […]

3/29/18 WOD Review (brought to you by icy hot)

Monday With weightlifting, it’s really important to understand and feel the movements. When a coach gives you an adjustment, try and really be aware of how it felt before and after the adjustment. A good goal is to try and make every rep feel the same! Hard to achieve, but it’s a really good tool in […]

Farewell Ryan!

  Next week Ryan will be leaving Walnut Creek, and California for Omaha Nebraska!  I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Ryan and it’s been really fun having him at the Sweat Shop for the past year.  I also feel fortunate that Ryan trained at the Sweat Shop for a whole year and didn’t […]