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Competing Vs. Training

What kind of mindset do you have when you walk into the gym? Is your goal to always go as fast, or as heavy as possible? Or, do you want to get better at a specific movement or skill regardless of time or loading? The approach you take to your day to day workouts can […]

Leader Board Movement… LET’S GO!

  We’ve still got some blank spots on the leaderboard that need to be filled!  We also have some “dark horses” and some “leaderboard lurkers” that I’d like to lure out of the woodwork!  So this pic is where the leader board currently stands, and from now until the next 4-6 weeks we want to […]

Self-Confidence: A State of Mind

Confidence is most commonly viewed as driven purely by innate ability or personality. While there may be some traits that allow one to be more GENERALLY confident than others, (I’m not an expert in psychology), I think that self-confidence, or lack thereof, is a state of mind. However, I don’t think this mindset is necessarily […]

18.4 Highlight Vid!

Great job Sweat Shoppers! Another outstanding round of performances in the books for 18.4! The combo of deadlifts, handstand pushups/pushups and walks were brutal for sure. It was awesome watching a lot of you go for your first handstand pushup! We’ll see what Castro cooks up for us this final week. I hope you enjoy this […]

18.3 Highlight Video

18.3 is in the books, this was a fun workout to watch for sure! Great job to everyone who competed this past week and a big shout out to those of you who worked hard on getting those muscle ups. Whether you got a muscle up or not, the effort and atmosphere in the gym was amazing! […]

24 Hours With Rich Froning

For most people, an hour a day at their CrossFit gym is enough for them.  Others however aspire to make a living doing CrossFit.  Here’s what a day looks like for 4 time CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning, who now “just” trains to compete on the CrossFit Mayhem Team.  Thanks Chief Banks for the heads […]

Emotional IQ Podcast

I snagged a listen to this podcast on Emotional IQ after USA Olympic lifting coach, Cara Heads Slaughter, posted it on her social media page. Without copy catting every thing she posted, I think it’s worth the short listen as I really think it resonates to all. A LONG time ago on the old Sweat […]

Fear Not

“So when you accept yourself and you accept fear is a fact, it’s something that happens, it’s something that you will experience, but it’s not a force to hold you back. It doesn’t have any special power other than that which you give it”. -Les Brown (Getting Past Fears)

Sweaty Swag Board

The “Sweaty Swag” board is up and running at the Sweat Shop!  While we’ve had a goal wall at the gym in the past, this board is more of a PR board and just all around general accomplishments.  One of the main differences is that this one will be erased and start fresh at the […]

You versus You

In sports and CrossFit, whether you are a competitor or someone just looking to improve, the main focus should be on yourself, what you are doing, and how you are doing it. While this seems like an over-posted topic, it’s easy to get distracted on what other people are doing and obsessing about their scores, […]