Weekly WOD Insight 9/10/18

Before getting into the workouts here are some things/services I discovered over the weekend (or just recently) that I would recommend:


For the row today keep the damper setting on the lighter side of things, especially if you are going Rx’d or BEEF since you still have a lot of work to do when you get off the rower.  If you’re going ADV. you’ll end on the rower so you can really go for it once you pass the halfway point on the rower.  Rx’d and ADV. can hold the dumbbell wherever you choose.  Easiest will likely be holding it with both hands, just under your chin, most difficult will be overhead… the choice is yours!

A.) Ring Muscle Up Development

Foundational Level (for those that don’t have at least 3 strict pullups and 3 strict ring dips)
8 min. Alternating EMOM
Even minutes: 1-5 Strict Pullups (use the lightest band possible and WRAP YOUR THUMBS UNDER THE PULLUP BAR)
Odd minutes: 1-5 Pushups, Ring Pushups or Ring Dips

Intermediate Level
Seated Band Assisted Transitions & Coach Assisted Muscle Up (for those that are ready)

Skill Conditioning
EMOM Strict or Kipping Ring Muscle Up – choose a rep count that you can sustain for 8 minutes!

B.)For time:

Buy In: 1000m (men) / 750m (women) Row
6 Rounds:
10 Dumbbell Snatch 45/25lbs.
10 Single Arm DB Lunge 45/25lbs. (hold it however you like)
10 Hanging Knee Raises or Situps

6 Rounds
15 DB Snatch 50/35
12 DB Lunge
8 Toes to Bar
Cash Out: 1000/750 Row

6 Rounds
15 Alt. DB Snatch 50/35
15 Single Arm Overhead DB Lunge
12 Toes to Bar
*1000m Row after completing Round #3

————- ————


I think there is value in repeating workouts.  When strategy (like pacing) plays a big part in the workout I repeating workouts is super valuable, especially when retested in a short enough time span where increases or decreases in fitness can not be the cause of a dramatically different outcome.  We just did part B. one month ago so fitness gains or losses are going to be negligible.  How you break up your pullups or muscle ups, as well as how you break up your C&J’s, can greatly impact your overall score in this workout.  And while the goal for 95% may not be to strategize our workouts with aspirations of making it to the CrossFit Games, it certainly helps to know how to approach a workout so that we don’t hit a wall midway through and thus suffer much more than we need to for the remainder of the workout!  Test, retest, exercise mindfully, take notes, learn something, have fun!

A.) 2 Clean & Jerks on the minute for 12 minutes
ADV. 1 C&J on the minute at approx. 75-80% 1RM

B.) *compare 8/13/18 , 5/21/18
9 min. clock
403m Run
15 Pullups (or 8 C2b) (ADV. 12 C2B or 5/3 Bar or Ring MU) (BEEF 30 C2B or 10/8 Ring or 15/12 Bar MU)
Max Rep Ground to Overhead 95/65 (ADV. 115/75) (BEEF 135/95)
403m Run before time expires (cannot  return to barbell if you still have time left after run)

—— ———


For part B. there are lots of options for the pushup, choose the one that best suites your current level and which one supports your goals.  Not sure?  Ask a coach!

A.) 1 mile Run (ADV. 1.5 Mile Run)
or 2K Row or Ski, or 5K/4K Assault Bike

B.) 10 minute AMREP/AMRAP
3 Hang Power Clean 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 115/75)
3 Front Squats
3 Pushups (ADV. Pushups, Ring Pushups, or Ring Dips 4 men / 2 women) (BEEF Muscle Up to Ring Dip)
9… then Rx’d and ADV. start back to 3’s.  BEEF continues going up by 3’s

———- ————


We’ve been doing a lot of bottoms up KB Presses as a muscle activation and prehab movement before our workouts and I truly feel like people are improving dramatically in their overhead stability.  We’ll put it to the test with some single arm dumbbell push press in the chipper today!  Don’t check out just because it’s in a workout and your heart rate is going to be high.  When pressing the DB overhead, remember to keep your rib cage pulled down, belly button drawn in, and glutes tight.  Also keep the shoulder blades pulled down and stay in control when that dumbbell is overhead!  The Rx’d version is meant to keep you moving and not overload you with too much volume of the same movement.  The ADV. version will be more challenging as the volume is stacked much more.  The BEEF version should be reserved for competitors that have 20+ consecutive handstand pushups and 20+ consecutive chest to bar pullups.

A.) Ring Muscle Up Development

Foundational Level
8 min. Alternating EMOM
Even minutes: 1-5 Strict Pullups (use the lightest band possible and WRAP YOUR THUMBS UNDER THE PULLUP BAR)
Odd minutes: 1-5 Pushups, Ring Pushups or Ring Dips

Intermediate Level
Seated Band Assisted Transitions & Coach Assisted Muscle Up (for those that are ready)

Skill Conditioning
EMOM Strict or Kipping Ring Muscle Up – choose a rep count that you can sustain for 8 minutes!


25 Double Unders or 50 Singles
12/7 Strict Pullups
20 Single Arm DB Push Press 45/25
25 Box Jump Overs
20 Single Arm DB Push Press 45/25
12 Pullups (kipping ok)
25 Double Unders or 50 Singles
403m Single Medball Carry (any weight)
*3 Sled Pushes at ANY point during workout

20men/10 women HSPU (BEEF 50)
30 Box Jump Overs (BEEF 50)
15 C2B or 30 Pullups (BEEF 50 C2B)
60 Double Unders (BEEF 100 Double Unders)
40 Single Arm DB Push Press 50/35 (BEEF 50 @ 50-55 / 35-40)
403m Single Medball Ball Carry  (BEEF 403m Double Medball Carry )
*ADV. 3 sled pushes at ANY point during workout
*BEEF 3 Sled pushes BEFORE DB Push Press, MUST be done b/t mov’ts, (cannot break up a set w/ sled push)

————— ———–


It’s been a while since we’ve done a max effort 500 meter row, completely fresh.  If you’re a bigger/stronger guy or girl set the damper up near the top.  This is 90 to 100 seconds of go hard.  Afterwards don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t hit a PR on your back squats.  For part C., even though it’s “for time”, stay focused and controlled on the back squats, once you’re done there you’re off to the races!  Since 2-for-1 Wall Balls are super fun (just ask DJ and Seth) I wanted to have an option for ADV. to try these at a lighter weight, or BEEF to get the full effect.  

A.) Max Effort 500m Row

B.) Back Squat
*ascending weights

C.) For time:
15 Back Squats approx. 75% heaviest set from part B.
200m Run
20 Jumping Air Squats (ADV. (20) 2-for-1 Wall Balls 14lbs. men/ 10lbs. women) (BEEF 20 2for1’s 20lbs./14lbs.)

———— ———–


Back in 2009 we used to do a lot of Tabata workouts. Lucinda was at the Sweat Shop then, with just a few others when I first opened!

This is a true Tabata format which you complete all 8 sets of the same movement before moving on to the next movement.  The purpose of this format is to improve muscle stamina, and thus, intensity in the sense of an extremely high heart rate or breathing will be lower than normal.  Play the first few sets of each movement a little conservative to keep yourself moving in the later sets, especially on the ring rows and toes to bar as you can quickly reach muscle failure on these movements if you go out a little too hot.  While we often use ring rows as a scaling option for pull-ups, these are still extremely effective and beneficial for those that are capable of pull-ups as it is a pulling movement, but in a different plane relative to the pull-up.  If your quads are trashed from Friday, substitute burpees instead of wall balls, UNLESS you plan to also do Sunday’s WOD.

20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of REST
8 sets of each exercises
score total reps

Ring Row
Wall Ball
Hanging Knee Raise or Situps (ADV. Toes to Bar)
Calories (any machine)

——– ———–


Trying something new today with the option to do an aerobic conditioning workout rather than the WOD.  While those still new to CrossFit, but familiar with exercise, may find a long aerobic workout on a machine exactly what they were looking to avoid when joining a CrossFit gym, those that have been doing CrossFit for many years now may not only find some enjoyment in the relaxing qualities of sub-maximal exercise, but may also find some benefits to doing these a bit more regularly as this energy system can be neglected from just doing high intensity exercise.  My recommendation is to go for a set time, (i.e. 15 minute row, or 25 minute bike) during which time you’re main focus is on keeping your breathing comfortable enough where you could carry on conversation.  Resist your CrossFit instinct to measure how far you went in the given distance, or to push hard the last minute of your session.  Lastly, if you haven’t done much longer distance stuff before, I’d recommend starting on the bike rather than the rower.  There is still quite a bit of technique involved in rowing and it may not be a good idea to go for a 20+ minute row if you haven’t worked on keeping your technique dialed in for a 10-15 minute row.  I’ve yet to discover any major technique pointers on the Assault Bike.

8 Rounds for time:
8 KB Swings 53/35 (ADV. 70/44) (BEEF 10 Reps @ 70/53)
8 Burpees (BEEF 10)
200m Run

or Optional Aerobic Conditioning
15-30 minutes on any machine

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