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If you are happy with your bar muscle ups or toes to bar, this post isn’t for you.  For everyone else, take note!  Those that have been to one of my classes in the last month or two have likely heard me preach the improtance of a thumb around the pullup bar grip.  In addition having your thumb around the bar, a “deeper” or “meatier” grip will definitely give you an advantage, especially when attempting bar muscle ups.  The advantage of this grip is similar to that of a false grip on the rings, being that you are already a bit higher up on the bar, so when it comes to the turnover on the bar muscle up, there isn’t as much shifting or sliding that needs to been done with the hands.  As with most new things, you’ll probably find it difficult at first.  The best thing to do is to utilize this grip WHENEVER you jump up and grab onto the pullup bar.  Whether it’s pullups, toes to bar, hanging knee raises, hanging scapular depressions, or just “hanging” out on the pullup bar, …use this grip and with time you’ll develop the strength to maintain the “deeper” grip even while kipping or during the course of a workout.

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