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With the time change on Sunday it’s going to be getting dark really early now.  We’ll have head lamps at the gym for anyone in the later classes that still want to get out and enjoy a run in the mild evening temperatures.  I’ve also added some longer row and bike distances for an ADV. option.   As for part B. you can make this one whatever you like.  Wall balls not your favorite thing?  Go for the ADV. option, even if you need an assistance band, so there’s less time to do wall balls.  Enjoy the burn you get from wall balls?  Go Rx’d, setup your wall ball close to the pullup bar and move quick to get your pullups done with and right back to the wall balls!

A.) 1 mile Run or 2K Row/Ski, or 5K/4K Bike
ADV. 1.5 mile Run or 3KRow/Ski or  7.5kmen/6K Bike Women

B.) 8 min. Max Rep Wall Balls
@ min. 1:00, 3:00, 5:00 & 7:00 perform:
Rx’d 5/3 Strict Pullups
ADV. 7/5 Strict Pullups
BEEF 5 Strict Pullups + 15ft. UNBROKEN HS Walk

———— ————-


I like everything about this workout, part A and part B, expect for the burpees.. that’s why the biggest set you’ll do is just 6 reps!  I hope you like it too!  For part A. do your best to be efficient with your time during the warm up so you can get LOTS of warm up sets in on both movements, but especially the deadlift.  Ideally you select the perfect weight that is challenging but doable for 7 sets of each with minimal rest.. however, it’s been a while since we’ve done this format so if you need to adjust the load of either weights during the workout that’s totally fine.
A.) 14 min. Alt. EMOM
even min. 5 Deadlifts approx. 75% 1RM
odd min. 3 Push Press

B.) 10 min. AMRAP

10 Single Arm DB Hang Clean to Overhead 45/25 (ADV. 50/35) (BEEF 15 @ 50/35)
2 Burpee over DB
70m Farmer Carry (1DB+1KB)

10 Single Arm DB Hang Clean to Overhead 45/25
4 Burpee over DB
70m Farmer Carry (1DB+1KB)

10 Single Arm DB Hang Clean to Overhead 45/25
6 Burpee over DB
70m Farmer Carry (1DB+1KB)

————— ————–


For the skill development work on bar muscle ups I really like the drill using a high box, or the two I learned from JB using either a barbell on the rig, the pullup bar.  Paired with the band resisted straight arm pulldown I think it’s a great combo to acquire the skill as well as the strength (or proper muscle activation) to perform the bar muscle up! 

A.) 10 minutes Muscle Up Work

Fundamental Level – Anyone that can’t do bar muscle ups at will

Alt. EMOM 10 min.
even min. 8 Box MU to Support, or 8 Low Barbell On Rig Jump to Support, or 8 High Pullup Bar Jump to Support
odd min. 8 Straight Arm Banded Pulldown

Advanced Level – Anyone that can do bar or ring muscle ups at will
EMOM 10 min.
1-5 Bar or Ring Muscle on the minute (or choose to alternate minutes with an additional skill such as HS Walks)

B.) 4 Rounds for time:
12 Lunge 75/55 (ADV. 95/65) (BEEF 15 @115/75) (Bison 15 Overhead Lunge 115/75)
10 Box Jump Over (BEEF & Bison 12 Box Jump Over)
8 Pullups (ADV. 10 Pullups or 8/6 C2B) (BEEF 12 C2B) (Bison 15 C2b)
403m Run

———– ————

Dustin setup for a good pushup with the hands close to the torso and the elbows in tight to the sides.


People have been making some great progress on their pushups.  If you aren’t able to do regular pushups from your toes (going all the way down to the ground) have a coach show you the setup using either a barbell or a band on the rig.  Let’s keep the trend going, no knee pushups, and no half range of motion pushups from the toes!

A.) 18 min. EMOM
Rx’d 2 C&J
ADV. 1 C&J across at approx. 80-85% 1RM

B.) 6 min. AMRAP
7/5 Puhsups (ADV & Beef 9/7 Pushups)
12 Russian KB Swings 53/35 (ADV. 15 Russian Swings 53/44) (BEEF 15 Russian Swings 70/53)

Day using a band to perform a perfect assisted pushup!

————– —————


A.) Back Squat
*ascending sets for 3’s, 20 reps @ approx. 65% heaviest set of 3
*compare 1/3/17 & 6/30/17

B.) 70m Sled Push
Rx’d 7 @ 30/15
ADV. 8 @ 45/30
BEEF 9 @ 60/45
*no more than 90 sec rest b/t reps

———— ————–


This is a partner AMRAP where you alternate movements with your partner.  That means you’ll be getting frequent short rests…. with the exception of when your partner does the “cardio” at minute 6:00 and you do the “cardio” at minute 14:00

 21 min. Partner AMRAP -Partners ALTERNATE Movements
12 DB Snatch 45/25 (ADV. 50/35) (BEEF 15 Alt. @ 50+/35+)
8 Burpees
10 Hanging Knee Raise or Situps (ADV. 8 Toes to Bar) (BEEF 12 T2B)

at minute 6:00 PARTNER A performs a 403m Run, or 400m Row/Ski or 1K Bike, while the PARTNER B continues AMRAP SOLO until PARTNER A is done with “cardio”, then at minute 14:00 PARTNER B does cardio, while PARTNER A continues AMRAP SOLO, until PARTNER B is done with cardio.

—————- ————–


Lots of folks having been making some really good progress on learning the rope climb technique, or improving their technique with one of the more advanced wraps.  I personally feel like I can attribute some of the success to using the box technique which makes acquainting yourself with the wrap much easier when done from a seated position.  While today’s workout will be a good opportunity for many people to practice their newly found rope climb technique, don’t get frustrated if you are brand new to the rope climb and not quite able to do it during the workout, as you will certainly find it more difficult mid workout than during the skill session.  As for the Beef and Bison folks, everyone will be doing regular rope climbs to keep the workout leaning towards the intensity side of things, and less about your grip… unless you opt for the Bison version, here the volume is nearly identical to Beef, but the reps are stacked to challenge muscle stamina a bit more.  Have fun with this one!

A.) 8 min skill development
Rope Climb technique work

B.)Rx’d, ADV. Beef

5 Rounds for time:
12 Wall Balls (ADV. 15) (BEEF 15)
1 Rope Climb (ADV. & BEEF 2)
8 Power Clean 95/65 (ADV. 10 @ 95/65) (BEEF 10 @115/75)
200m Run

—  —   —   —

40 Wall Ball
25 Power Clean 115/75
603m Run
10 Rope Climbs
603m Run
25 Power Clean
40 Wall Ball


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