Author: Nabil

CrossFit Open Intramural Team Update

First things first.  Joel’s Dream Team is now Pain Cave Explorers. Next, I did some preliminary scoring, saw how the teams were ranking up (they were already pretty close) then placed the remaining few free agents on the teams in order of highest ranking free agent, on lowest ranking team, then 2nd highest ranking free […]

2017 NorCal Masters – Team Sweat Shop

Last month we had a big group of masters from the Sweat Shop competing at NorCal Masters.  DJ did an great job putting together this highlight video, especially considering the song he used came out almost 30 years before he was even born!

CrossFit Open Schedule and Intramural Team Captains!

Ok first things first, with the CrossFit Open starting this week I want to let everyone know when we’ll be running heats of the Open workouts, and which classes will be affected. The workouts are announced each Thursday afternoon at 5:00pm.  We’ll have the live broadcast on the t.v. at the gym.  During the announcement, […]

Congratulations Andrew & Ashley!

Congratulations to Andrew & Ashley, who were recently married in Tamarindo, Costa Rica!  Be sure congratulate Andrew next time you see him in the gym, he’s easy to spot, with the gloomy weather we’ve been having in the Bay recently, he’s the only one at the Sweat Shop that is showing signs of being at […]

Preseason Wrap Up

Big props to Chris and Danielle who were our only Sweat Shoppers to complete all 5 of the CrossFit Open Preseason workouts we did in conjunction with CrossFit Walnut Creek.  For their hard work they’ll each receive a $15 Hiroshi’s gift certificate and a Sweat Shop t-shirt.  Next up is the real deal, the first […]

Get Yoked, Thanks to Marcus & Bri

Big thanks to Marcus and Bri who recently purchased a new yoke for the Sweat Shop!  This is a unique piece of equipment that challenges your “core” or “mid-line” unlike anything else.  Because the way in which the weight is distributed you can lift it up and walk with it with much more weight than […]

Sweat Shop Gear from SquadLocker

I recently discovered a company called SquadLocker, which prints your logo on a pretty big variety of apparel items, and since there are so many members with so many different “tastes” at the Sweat Shop, I thought it would be a great fit.  I’ve recently created a Sweat Shop store that is currently open, but […]

NorCal Masters 2017 Wrap Up

  NorCal Masters was this past weekend and our Sweat Shop competitors showed up in a big way!  Despite the long days, I had a great time coaching and with so many competitors there was very little down   Chief Banks 60+ Placed 4th overall and while being in the first heat of each workout […]

Preseason with CrossFit Walnut Creek

Big props to everyone that did the Open Preseason workout last week at the Sweat Shop!  Starting out with 60 bar facing burpees is never fun, but everyone paced it well and still had plenty in the tank once they got to the overhead squats.  CrossFit Walnut Creek not only had folks come and participate, […]

Mastering the Fundamentals

After doing CrossFit for close to 10 years I’d be lying if I said I’ve never had extended periods where I’ve been unmotivated to train.  And while there are a lot of things that can contribute to a loss in motivation, as well as many things to get you out of your funk and back […]