Sweat Shop Spartan Race


Stephen looking like he just marched out of a war zone!

In full anticipation of the post race beer!

This past weekend there were five of us Sweat Shoppers competing in the Sacramento Spartan Race.  This was an 8-9 mile run with 20+ obstacles along the way.  For four of us, including myself, this was our first Spartan Race. While the run wasn’t too bad for me, I was surprised at the level of difficulty in the obstacles.  HEAVY tire flips, horizontal traversing of a muddy wall, what felt like a 400 meter carry of a 5 gallon bucket filled with rocks, along with a strange rotating ninja warrior type monkey bar thing, were some of the more challenging obstacles for me.

Joe in full terminator mode.

Scott staying focused on the monkey bars.

As a team Sweat Shop finished 5th overall out of 200!  A big part of that was Joe M.’s crazy fast time of 1hr 49minutes!  Not far behind Joe was Matt Miceli, who coming off a recent 35 mile run in the French Alps, this was surely just a short morning jog.  Scott R. and Stephen G. also did awesome!

Matt with plenty of energy left at the finish.


Aside from getting to hang out with some of the guys outside of the gym, the most fun part about the race for me was enjoying some longer distance running out in nature… something I haven’t done in several years, but was reminded this weekend how much I really do enjoy it!  I’m also appreciative of what I’m able to do with just training CrossFit.  While to be truly competitive in any endeavor your training needs to have some degree of specialization, I was once again surprised how well I felt doing a “longer” type of event having only done CrossFit workouts of 25 minutes or less leading up to this event!

Lastly, check out one of the best photobombs I’ve seen in a while!

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