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For most of us at this point, it’s no surprise that sugar is not good for you.  What’s becoming more and more evident is the extent to which money plays a part in the laws that are passed, the research that we learn about and that is considered to be the truth, the research that may be covered up, and even the research that is yet to take place.  It’s recently come to light that the sugar industry deliberately covered up research that showed a link between sugar consumption and an increased risk for heart disease.  Similarly, but still on a different end of the spectrum, there may be herbs, supplements, or practices that have yet to undergo adequate research, whether it’s due to lack of funding or various laws/policies, and therefore, are not seen as “scientifically proven”.  Intermittent fasting, ketogenic diets, paleo diet, and countless chinese herbs, may provide impressive results despite having substantial research to back their claims.  Without going down a rabbit-hole here, I’m basically saying when it comes to many things, do your own research.  Look to as many different sources as possible.  Also, do a little background research on the sources themselves.  And lastly, whenever possible, and safe to do so, do some experimentation yourself with whichever said product.

What about you guys?  Anyone have anything that they swear by, despite it not necessarily being something that is scientifically proven?  Share in the comments!

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a little recap on the sugar research cover up.

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  1. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    Kombucha! Rene first introduced it to me, but I never tried it. Then Melia recommended I drink it during my radiation treatments to combat queasiness. I love the stuff. Lones is also drinking it.


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