WOD Overview 12/11/17

Looking at the weather forecast I see nothing but clear skies and highs in the mid to upper 60’s, which for December is not good if you’re looking to get up to Tahoe, but for those working on our fitness we might as well take advantage of this unseasonable dry weather with some running.


The 3’s on the front squat are going up in weight each time, then do one final set of 15 reps at about 70% of your heaviest set of 3.  For part B., I want Rx’d folks to stay moving for the most part.  If you use a band to assist your pullups, try using a slightly lighter one for the first round or two, as long as you can still get your chin OVER the bar.  For ADV. and BEEF the format is a bit different.  A big set of pullups, with 10 burpees each time you have to break your pullups.  If you’re going to need more than one break, try to imagine what is a doable and relatively consistent goal.  i.e. for someone going BEEFY (60 reps total) 25, 20, 15 on your pullups… rather than completely blowing yourself out on the first set with 40, if you then had to take a long rest, then got 10, and then perhaps only got 7 reps on your 3rd set and thus having to do another 10 burpees just because you were 3 pullups short.
A.) Front Squat

B.) Rx’d
403m Run
then 5 Rounds of:
6 Pullups
6 Burpees

ADV. & BEEF 8 min. time cap
403m Run
45 Pullups (BEEF 60 C2B)
**10 Burpees each time you break pullups


We just got two additional sleds, so look out for workouts containing more than just 1 or 2 reps of sled push in them.  For this one, the sled weight should be a light load so you can move quick.  As for the the pushups, there are endless variations here, choose the one that best fits your capabilities.  You’re heart rate will be high on this workout, but given the KB Swings are most grip and hips, your muscles should be fairly recovered for each round of pushups.

A.) Alternating EMOM 8 minutes
Even: 3-8 Ring Row
Odd:  Skill work of your choice

4 Rounds
403m Run
10/8 Pushups (ADV. 10/8 Ring Pushups or 6/4 Ring Dips) (BEEF Muscle Ups to 10/8 Ring Dips)
15 KB Swings (ADV. 20 KB Swings) (BEEF 25 KB Swings)

*complete (3) 70m sled push at some point Rx’d & ADV. 70/45 (BEEF 95/70)


Keeping it nice and light for this one!  Pick a thruster weight that warming up with you can do at least 12-15 reps with relative ease.
4 Rounds – 1 minute each exercise

Thruster 75/55
Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV.Toes to Bar)
Calorie Row
Box Jump
REST 1 minute


We did this one back on 8/24/17.  The double unders should not consume more than 40 seconds of each minute.  Rx’d folks that struggle feel free to scale back the 20 double unders to a fewer number that will keep you in that 40 second range.  Or if double unders just aren’t your thing, substitute them for 10-12 Calorie Assualt Bike.  For part B. I adjusted it from the last time we did it to include DB Snatch instead of KB Snatch as the DB Snatch is more likely to show up in the CrossFit Open.

A.) Alternating EMOM 14 min.
Even:  5 Deadlifts ~75% 1RM
Odd:  20 Double Unders (ADV. 35 DU) (BEEF 50 DU)

15 DB Snatch 45/25 (ADV. 20 @ 50/35) (BEEF 30 @50-55 / 35-40)
10 Pullups (ADV. 10 C2B) (BEEF 20 C2B)
403m Run
10 Pullups (ADV. 10 C2B)  (BEEF 20 C2B)
15 DB Snatch (ADV. 20 50/35) (BEEF 30 @50-55 / 35-40)


For the general population, still trying to improve upon their olympic lifting technique, stick with the 2 reps on the minute for part A.  Those that have been doing the olympic lifts for some time now and would like to try a more challenging load can opt for the 1 rep on the minute.  The BEEF version is a controlled way to work a heavy olympic lift, with a moderately elevated heart rate.  This could come in handy in possible CrossFit Open workouts as we’ve seen in the past.  Rather than continuously building up in weight for 15 minutes, try to start at the heaviest weight you think you can maintain.  If you realized after a few sets it’s too light or too heavy you can adjust the weight, but think about your score being the sum of all your sets, not just one heavy set.

For part B. we also did this one back in August, but again I’ve adjusted Extra BEEF version to allow for more reps on the Squat Snatch.
A.) 2 Squat Clean on the min. for 15 min.
ADV. 1 Squat Clean
BEEF 5 Bar Facing Burpee + 1 Squat Clean

B.) 8 min. clock
Row 750meters
Max Rep Front Squat 95/65
Run 200m before time expires
*compare 8/25/17

ADV., BEEF,  Extra Beef
1000m Row
Max Rep OHS 95/65 (BEEF 115/75) (Extra Beef 115/75 Squat Snatch)
Run 200m before time expires


For part A. you’ll have 10 minute.  Treat it like a time trial and go all out, then rest in the remaining time, or if you’d rather use it more like a warmup for part B feel free to go a little easier.  The weight you select for part B. you should feel comfortable in the warmup to do an unbroken set of the hang power cleans, right into an unbroken set of the shoulder to overheads.  During the workout you’ll most likely be breaking these up a little, but it should still be a nice light weight.
A.) 0:00 – 10:00
1 Mile Run or 2K row, 2K ski, or 5K Bike

B.) 10:00-20:00
6 Hang Power Clean 75/55 (ADV. 9 Reps) (BEEF 9 Reps @115/75)
6 Shoulder to Overhead (ADV. 9) (BEEF 9 Reps @115/75)
6 Box Jump Overs (ADV. 9) (BEEF 9)


If lunges aren’t your jam scale back the weight here, no problem!  Keep a nice light damper setting (5 or less) on the rower since you’ll be coming off and going right into lunges and deadlifts.
2 Rounds
400m Row
15 Barbell Lunge 95/65 (BEEF 20 @ 115/75)
15 Deadlift  95/65 (BEEF 20 @ 115/75)
1 Rope Climb (ADV. & BEEF 2)
403m Run
15 Barbell Lunge
15 Deadlifts
1 Rope Climb

**ADV. & BEEF 500m Row, switch order or Row/Run

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