Coach Bri competing at 2020 Masters Fitness Collective Aug. 20-23


Bri is currently in Fort Wayne Indiana preparing for 4 days of battle against 7 of the fittest 35-39 year old females in the world.  With Bri having originally qualified 2020 CrossFit Games in Madison Wisconsin, we were disappointed to hear that the masters competition was cut from this year’s CrossFit Games due to COVID-19 and the moving of the CrossFit Games back to Aromas, CA.  However, in stepped the Masters Fitness Collective to fill the gap.  An invite only masters competition with some of the top athletes from around the country.  The workouts, programmed by CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus look really cool!  Event 1 is a KB Snatch and pool swim workout, while event 2 is a snatch 1 rep max, immediately followed by a 1 mile run time trial, and then another snatch 1 rep max!

The events will be streamed live and Bri’s first workout will be going at 5:50am PST, and her second workout will be at 12pm PST.

Video coverage will be provided by:

Morning Chalk Up
YouTube Chanel

Buttery Bros
YouTube Chanel

Whether you’re able to catch the live feed or not, be sure to send you good vibes to Bri as she finally gets her opportunity to put all of her training hours to the test!

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