Bri takes 2nd place at Masters Fitness Collective!

After a long 4 day competition with some of the top 35-39 year old females, Bri finished an impressive 2nd place overall at the Masters Fitness Collective this past weekend in Fort Wayne Indiana!  Given that the masters division for the 2020 CrossFit Games was cut due to COVID-19, this was essentially the biggest competition to finish off the 2020 CrossFit Games season.  The event included a variety of workouts, just as the CrossFit Games usually does, including a swim event.  But one that is easy to relate to was a 1 rep max snatch, immediately followed by a 1 mile run for time, and then another 1 rep max snatch!  Bri hit 180lbs. on her first snatch, followed by a super fast 6:32 mile, immediately into a 170lb. snatch!  A workout like this does a great example of showing how well rounded the top CrossFit athletes are (not just fast, or not just strong… but BOTH).  And while our Rx’d programming at the Sweat Shop isn’t intended at preparing people for CrossFit competitions, that same over-arching theme of balancing strength, with cardio-respiratory fitness, built on a foundation of proper movement mechanics, is what makes CrossFit, in my opinion, such an excellent training program for just about anyone!

Anyway, congratulations Bri, well done! 👏 👏