16 Sweat Shoppers Moving on to Quarterfinals

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Now that the dust as settled from the CrossFit Open, we are able to see which of our athletes will be moving on to the next level of qualifications. Those that finished in the top 10% for their division will be moving on to the quarterfinals!


Hayley B. 1,649th (Women under 35 division)

Bri G. 31st (Women 35-39)

Lauren Q. 601st (Women 35-39)

Rosa D. 463rd (Women 40-44)

Lisa M. 761st (Women 40-44)

Helen L. 37th (Women 45-49)

Mo Londerée 15th (Women 55-59)

Lones S.B. 23rd (Women 65+)


Colby S. 2,070th (Men under 35 division)

Michael M. 1281st (Men 35-39)

Marcus G. 1390th (Men 40-44)

Nabil L. 296th (Men 45-49)

Seth I. 311th (Men 45-49)

Ed C. 569th (Men 45-49)

Stephen G. 267th (Men 50-54)

Josh S.E. 644th (Men 50-54)

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While the CrossFit Open has is three weeks long, with one workout being released each week, the quarterfinals is only a few days long, but has many more workouts, all of which have to be completed in a much smaller window. These workouts often have higher skill gymnastics, and/or heavier loads! Quarterfinals for the under 35 age group is March 16th-19th, and quarterfinals for all other age groups is March 31st – April 1st. Good luck everyone!

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