PRVN Programming Cycle – Power

This week marks the start of a new 8-week cycle in our PRVN programming that we do for our workouts at CrossFit Sweat Shop. For those interested here is some additional insight.

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We are excited for you to take on our brand new 8 week cycle called the “Power Cycle”. 

We will start with our programming philosophy for this cycle with our strength focus as it creates the basis for how we are structuring the programming week to week. 


Our focus is to apply the previous strength work developed from our Open Prep Cycle into developing more specific power and strength, which will in turn help create more well rounded athletes. 

Programming Approach:

You will notice throughout this cycle that your strength sessions will most often have two movements paired back to back, one weighted exercise paired with one plyometric/explosive exercise, using similar muscle groups. These sessions will help heighten the responsiveness of your fast twitch muscle fibers, allowing you to develop more speed and power. This is a process known as “Post Activation Potentiation”, or PAP.

An example of one of these sessions will look like the following:

Build to a Heavy 4 rep Back Squat

then complete:

3 Sets

4 Back Squats @ 80% of 4RM + 4 Seated Box Jumps to High Box

Percentage for the Back Squat is based off of your heavy 4 reps achieved prior to

Programming Goal:

-Develop explosive power through your legs & upper body

– Increase muscle speed and stamina 

-Teach athletes how to approach such sessions, develop better neuromuscular coordinations, and infuse some energy into strength sessions

Our challenge to you in this cycle is to hit each piece with as much focused effort as you can bring on that day. Some days it is hard to come fully focused, so if needed, adjust the volume and loads slightly to allow for the highest quality and speed of reps. 

Keep us up to date with your progress. We have seen great results in person and know that you guys will too!


We believe greatly in the approach of developing a solid foundation of strict strength while at the same time keeping consistent practice on high level movements, positions, and body shapes. With this being said, this cycle will come to a close a week out from “Murph”, which means a lot of our gymnastics conditioning work will be centered around “Murph” Prep. Our high skill gymnastics days will be rotating skills that will generally come up once per week to allow time for coaches to teach movements and give athletes to have time for quality practice. 


Run conditioning will be a focal point of this cycle as we are prepping for “Murph”. It also fits nicely that the months of March, April and May are generally the most temperate months of the year for a majority of our affiliates. We will of course, always keep with a wide array of conditioning styles, mixed modalities, and time domains. However, this cycle will emphasize more frequent long duration pieces of up to 40 minutes. This will ensure we are pushing up our overall aerobic capacity and endurance. On the other end of the spectrum in order to top those engines off and keep things balanced, we will look to tackle a sprint style workout once every 7-10 days that is meant to be under 7:00 in duration. 


  • Power Cycle: Contrast Training Methods / PAP “Post Activation Potentiation”
  • Consistent Weekly Touches on Olympic Lifts
  • “Murph Prep” Bodyweight + Run Conditioning 
  • Rotating Weekly Skill Work on High Skill Gymnastics 
  • Consistent Long (30:00-40:00) + Short (4:00-7:00) Workouts, Every 7-10 Days
  • Varied Weekly Structure with Consistency in Progression
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