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Kirkwood Day Trip – a.k.a. Personal Health Day

I just got off the phone with your boss, I let him know you won’t be working on Wednesday Feb. 21st.  At first he wasn’t having it, but then I reminded him the importance of “personal health days”, I also explained what a shit-show Tahoe is on the weekend and therefore a weekday trip is a must.  Some Sweat Shoppers will already be up there that day, others will be leaving early Wednesday morning and coming back Wednesday afternoon.  Shoot me an email or chat with me at the gym if you’re interested in going. 

CrossFit Open Begins Feb. 29th

If you’re new to the Sweat Shop and/or CrossFit, you may not be familiar with the annual CrossFit Open.  It’s a 3-week long event that takes place inside CrossFit gyms around the world.  Each Thursday, starting on Feb. 29th, CrossFit releases a workout.  Participants have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their score.  There are Rx’d, Scaled and age group divisions, to encourage participation of as many people as possible.  Just like in years past, we’ll run scheduled heats of the workout on Saturday morning.  While the CrossFit Open is the first round of qualifiers for the CrossFit Games, 99% of the people that participate in the Open do it simply to challenge themselves.  See more info and register for the Open here.

Rugby Game – St. Mary’s vs. Cal – Saturday March 23rd @ St. Mary’s

If you didn’t already know, the Sweat Shop is, and for many years has been, crawling with St. Mary’s rugby players and alum (both guys and girls).  In addition to many of our members, on our coaches side, we have Colby Stevens who is a former St. Mary’s rugby player.  Currently playing at rugby at St. Mary’s we have one of our coaches, Lleyton Delzell, as well as coach-in-training, Miles McCormick.  On Saturday March 23rd we’ll be taking a field trip out to Moraga to watch St. Mary’s take on Cal.  Stay tuned for details on pre-game and post game meet-ups.

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