Thriving Through the Holidays: A Fitness Guide in Walnut Creek, CA

The holiday season often brings joy, festivities, and perhaps a few extra indulgences. But staying fit doesn’t have to take a backseat during this time. In Walnut Creek, CA, a city known for its active lifestyle, there are plenty of opportunities to maintain your fitness routine while celebrating the season. I moved to California in my 20’s knowing absolutely nothing about the area. Fortunately, working with some fitness minded people, they showed me SO many cool spots around the area it may have taken years to find otherwise. Single track on Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord, and Lyon St. stairs in San Francisco are still two of my favorites! With so many of the Sweat Shop members being young adults that have also recently moved to the area, I thought they too might find some value in a post like this!

Outdoor Activities with a View

Take advantage of Walnut Creek’s picturesque landscapes by incorporating outdoor activities into your routine. The Iron Horse Regional Trail and Mount Diablo State Park offer scenic jogging paths and challenging hikes, allowing you to stay active while enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Healthy Eateries to Fuel Your Workouts

Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial during the holidays. Fortunately, Walnut Creek boasts a range of eateries with health-conscious options. Visit local spots like True Food Kitchen for nutritious, seasonal dishes that complement your fitness goals. Rooted Coffee is another personal favorite for myself and CrossFitters alike!

Participate in Local Fitness Events

Stay motivated by participating in holiday-themed fitness events in Walnut Creek. Keep an eye out for runs, charity walks, or wellness workshops. These events not only contribute to your fitness but also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in the community. While you may have missed the Forma Gym Turkey Trot, there is the super awesome Broken Arrow Skyrace in Tahoe coming up that many members from the Sweat Shop will be doing again in 2024.

Online Resources for Fitness Enthusiasts

Explore online resources that cater to fitness enthusiasts in Walnut Creek. The CrossFit Sweat Shop blog is a valuable source of information, offering insights, tips, and personalized advice to keep you on your fitness journey during the holiday season. Here’s a blog post from the great DJ Lynam from a few years back about staying fit during the holidays.

Finding Balance Amidst Celebrations

Balancing festivities and fitness is the key to enjoying a healthy holiday season. Incorporate quick at-home workouts, consider virtual fitness classes, and stay consistent with your routine. Websites like Fitness Blender offer free workout videos suitable for all fitness levels.


In Walnut Creek, staying fit during the holidays is not just a possibility—it’s a lifestyle. With a community that prioritizes health and a plethora of fitness options, you can celebrate the season without compromising your well-being. Follow these tips, explore local fitness hubs, and make this holiday season a time of joy, celebration, and continued fitness success.

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