1/28/19 WOD Review

Today will be week 5 of 6 for tempo work. As we look towards building long-term strength, we encourage you to use this tempo phase as an opportunity to continue to build a solid foundation for a more “traditional” strength phase in the future. Emphasize movement mechanics over numbers, trust us when we tell you that there will be chances down the road to go “heavier”. 
You’ll be incorporating accessory movements that focus on pulling and midline stability. There will be plenty of work to complete so try and be proactive during today’s strength session, there will always be something you can be doing! Socialize AND exercise.
Tempo Back Squat (3203)
*compare 1/4/19
DB Suitcase + DB Overhead Hold (or KB Front Rack Hold for those that struggle with overhead position)
3 x :30/side
*can be different weights for suitcase and overhead
Barbell Bent Over Row
3 x 10
1:00 Plank + :30 V Ups
3 Sets
5 Rounds
1:00 Cals Any Machine
1:00 DB Snatch 45/25 (Alt 50/35) (Power Snatch 75/55)
Today you’ll start off with static holds. Static movements are great because if you’re unable to hold certain movements in a controlled/static environment, chances are it’s not going to happen under fatigue. Please keep that in mind! No one is too good for basics 🙂 As for the main workout today, all the movements are relatively simple so all you have to do is focus on managing your heart rate and intensity. Imagine the workout as a 4 round workout, it’ll be a little better than just thinking of the ENTIRE 20:00 of work to be completed.
8:00 Alt EMOM
:30 Static Core (Dead Bugs, Hollow Holds, L-Sits, Planks)
:30 Static Upper Body (Ring Row, Chin Over Bar, Handstand Push Up)
20:00 AMRAP
10 Air Squats (12) (15)
8 Burpees (10) (12)
6 KB Swings 53/35 (8 @ 70/44) (10 @ 70/53)
*403m Run at 0:00, 5:00, 10:00, 15:00
The focus will be trying to maintain a consistent pace for the entire workout. This is a new format that most of you haven’t tried, so I encourage you guys to be conservative in the beginning! The goal is to be off the rower or complete with the run within 1:00 – 1:10 so that you guys have time for the shoulder to overheads and power cleans. Please ask a coach for some scaling options if need be!
Alt Every 2:00 for 20:00 (5 Sets)
1) 140m Run (200m) + Max Shoulder to Overheads 75/55 95/65 115/75
2) 200m Row (250m) + Max Power Cleans 75/55 95/65 115/75
*Adv and Beef: Start with 2
Every 1:30 for 15:00
2 Clean & Jerks
Adv: 1 Clean & Jerk ~80-85%
*compare 1/2/19
9:00 AMRAP
10 Wall Balls (15) (20)
8 Box Jumps (10) (15)
6 Sit Ups -or- Hanging Knee Raises (8 Toes to Bar) (10 Toes to Bar)
I’m looking for each round to be completed in 3:00 – 4:00. Although your score will be total time of completion, I encourage you guys to try and keep track of your times/round. It’s always good to associate how you are “feeling” with the outcomes of each round for future reference. If you do choose to keep track of your times/round, try to keep each round within :05!
5 Rounds
403m Run
10 DB Snatches 45/25 (15 at 50/35) (20 Alt DB Snatches 50/35)
10 Burpees (12) (15 Lateral Facing DB Burpees)
– 1:00 rest –
*RxD: Last 2 rounds run 200m
18:00 AMREP
5 Box Jump Overs
5 Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95
5 Barbell Lunges 95/65 115/75 135/95
10 Box Jump Overs
10 Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95
10 Barbell Lunges 95/65 115/75 135/95
15 Box Jump Overs
15 Power Cleans 95/65 115/75 135/95
15 Barbell Lunges 95/65 115/75 135/95

1 Rope Climb (2) (2 Regional Rope)

*back to the top
RxD: 91 Reps/Round
Adv and Beef: 92 Reps/Round
*Score Total Reps
Today will be another interval-esque type workout. Similar to Friday, instead of trying to keep your times consistent, try and keep your reps consistent! As soon as Part A is completed, you guys will have an “active” recovery 800m Run that you’ll have 7 minutes to complete before jumping right into Part B. Up to you guys how hard you want to push on that one!
Included is a monostructural workout for those of you who just want to come in and sweat. Please being no later than 30:00 after the start of class.
Alt Tabata
8 Rounds :20/:10
Wall Balls
Sit Ups -or- Hanging Knee Raises (Toes to Bar)
immediately into…
7:00 Clock to Complete:
800m Run
immediately into…
Alt Tabata
8 Rounds :20/:10
Cals Any Machine
KB Swings 53/35 70/44 70/53
Monostructural Option:
10 Sets of…
2:00 Max Cals any Machine
1:00 Rest