Month: June 2017

Comfort and Mental Practice

Nabil and team SS at the 2013 NC Regional. While we prepared well for this event, I remember we had to scoot back almost a foot because the platform was like squatting on a downhill ramp! Nice shades, Nabil! We’ve written many posts and cited lots of articles on improving our mental game. While I’m not an […]

Big Picture

Good afternoon everyone, As some of you may know, I work part-time for the Golden State Warriors. For those of you who didn’t know, I work part-time for the Golden State Warriors!! And as I return home from the Championship Parade (nice and tan), this marks an end to my 6th season with the team. […]

Coffee Killing Your Gains?!

No. Coffee is not going to make you less fit than you currently are. Just to take away all knee jerk reactions and nervousness. Coffee is one of, if not the most, commonly consumed beverages in the world. It is an art for some, a social outlet for others, and a daily pick me up for […]

Media and Photoshop

In today’s world, you really can’t trust what you see in a photo. Magazines and adds have been photoshopping their photos for years. Instagram is no better, we assume that because it’s a social medial site, those photos are untouched. I came across this video the other day and am thankful I am surrounded by […]

Spartan Race – Sat. November 11th – Sacramento, CA

A couple of years ago there was a big group of Sweat Shoppers that did a Tough Mudder and it was a really fun time.  From everything I’ve heard, the Spartan Race is even better. Less gimmicky like electrocution wires, and more about just plain old obstacles and fitness.  I wanted to throw this out […]

Sweat Shop Golf Outing/Weekend Reading

Today was a beautiful and fun day outside with the Sweat Shop crew at our annual golf outing! We took to Boundary Oaks Golf Course and while challenging, the team format kept it fun and interesting! While everyone played very well and had some amazing shots, the team that came out on top this year was Shane, Erik, […]

Workout Awareness

Awareness is a powerful tool for when we go through workouts at the Sweat Shop, and yesterday’s workout (the every 6:00 for 30:00 workout) was an excellent one to build that awareness. What’s important about building awareness is that it allows you to coach yourself while your mid-workout instead of always relying on being told […]

Own Your Mobility

Roll this. Smash that. Stretch this way. When it comes to mobility the list is endless in terms of what we should and could do in order to become a more mobile human beings. A lot of the times it can be overwhelming, and we do not know where to start. Should I foam roll? […]

Remembering your “Why” Part II

Since 2009 I’ve written a lot of blog posts.  This may be the most important one to date.  If you’re like most people, you started CrossFit to get or stay in shape, perhaps lose a few pounds of body fat, gain a little lean muscle, and just look and feel good.  So you start CrossFit […]

Congratulations Row and Dragon

Mike and Rowena welcomed baby Makena Rose into the world on May 31st at 8:52am weighing 6lbs, 3 oz. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well. Rowena was a champion during the entire birthing process. Mom and dad endured a long night, but Makena eventually made her grand appearance and they couldn’t be happier. Row and […]