Spartan Race – Sat. November 11th – Sacramento, CA

A couple of years ago there was a big group of Sweat Shoppers that did a Tough Mudder and it was a really fun time.  From everything I’ve heard, the Spartan Race is even better. Less gimmicky like electrocution wires, and more about just plain old obstacles and fitness.  I wanted to throw this out there to see if there were Sweat Shop members interested in doing one together.  There is one coming up on November 11th in Sacramento, it’s the Super, which is about a 2 hour long race.  I think it would be fun to do, and also fun to train for by mixing up our regular CrossFit training with some more out of the gym training.  Check out the link here for more info and let me know if you think you’d be interested!

**Updated 6/16/17**

I’ve registered myself and setup the team “CrossFit Sweat Shop” for the Super on Saturday November 11th – for the 8:45am – 12:00pm time block.  For those that want to start/race with team Sweat Shop, make sure you select this time block, and then enter our team name “CrossFit Sweat Shop”.  They will give us our exact start time as the race gets closer.  Our “in-house Spartan race experts” highly recommend those interested sign up now before the prices go up, and then eventually sell out.  And as with all of our Sweat Shop activities, friends and family members are always welcome to join!

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