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Good afternoon everyone,

As some of you may know, I work part-time for the Golden State Warriors. For those of you who didn’t know, I work part-time for the Golden State Warriors!! And as I return home from the Championship Parade (nice and tan), this marks an end to my 6th season with the team.

So what exactly could I possibly do for the team that is currently STACKED?! I work in the Game Operations Department, and for the most part, it is sort of the production side of the game. Pretty much, the department I work in is responsible for everything you see happen during the game…besides the game itself. My duties vary from game night to game night. One game I could be escorting the Warriors Dance Team to the entrances to take pictures, taking the flag or the anthem singer onto the court before tip off, dropping confetti and parachutes, making sure our talent is staged in the back of the tunnels, or working off-site events. If you’ve worked in sports before, it’s really a whole lot of “hurrying up to wait around”!

But man, has it been a journey! Going from when winning 20 games in a season was an accomplishment, to winning 2 NBA Titles in 3 years. The organization is a perfect example of how far a little perseverance and hard work can take you! Trust me, I’ve witnessed a lot from my 6 years with the team and even as a fan well before that. Now if you’ve made it this far in the post, nice! Well, now I can relate this stuff to some Sweat Shop stuff.

So, how does blowing up the “We Believe” team, trading fan favorite Monte Ellis, trusting Steph Curry with the reigns of the team, hiring new ownership, or firing a head coach that got us back to the playoffs relate?

Big Picture. Remember the big picture. It’s easy to come to the Sweat Shop to get your workout in and get stuck in a “lull” or really not see any immediate improvement. So again, big picture. All the work you put in at the gym, every rep, every fail, every drop of sweat IS ALWAYS a small step towards your ultimate goal. And that’s it, just a friendly reminder that there is really no wasted effort if you’re truly coming to the gym for the right reasons and leaving telling yourself you gave it your all. Plain and simple!

Lastly, I know all of you are my Sweat Shop Family. But I wanted to share with you all my #squad with the Warriors! Here’s just a small part of my department! Go Warriors!

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