Sweat Shop Golf Outing/Weekend Reading

Today was a beautiful and fun day outside with the Sweat Shop crew at our annual golf outing! We took to Boundary Oaks Golf Course and while challenging, the team format kept it fun and interesting! While everyone played very well and had some amazing shots, the team that came out on top this year was Shane, Erik, Scott J, and Seth.

I had a blast playing with the usual golf crew and also with those that I hadn’t seen play before. Erik is a boss and was lighting the course up! I had the awesome privilege to play with my talented and colorful team of Adam, Nabil, and Rikus. There were lots of funny moments on the course including Rikus’s soft alternative music choices while teeing off, Adam’s aggressive “practice swings”, and Nabil’s “Liam Neeson” responses to the golf ball. GREAT TIMES EVERYONE! Can’t wait until next time! If you want to join in on the next one, keep an eye out on the Sweat Shop Members page on Facebook.

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