Workouts for 6/27-7/3

     • Monday

A) Every 2:30 for 5 sets
3 Temp front squats 5/3/1

*ascend in weight

@ the 15 minute mark 1 set of max reps no tempo front squats at the heaviest set worked up to on the emom

B) 8 min Amrap
16 jumping lunges
12 goblet squats (rx:you pick)(advanced:53/35)(beef:70/53)
70m run

Slow is the name of the game today! 5 seconds down, 3 second hold at the bottom, 1 second to the top is the tempo for today. Then challenge yourself to see how many reps without any tempo you can do with the heaviest set you ascended to! For todays finisher keeping it simple yet effective. I did something very similar to this a few weeks back and thought it looked simple on paper but I was surprised at how spicy it got, be ready for booty soreness the next day. 4-5 rounds is a good goal for this one.


  • Tuesday

For time:
10 Alternating Devils press (rx:you pick) (adv:50/35)(beef:70/50)
15/12 cals any machine (advanced + 18/15)

-2 minute rest-

12 Dumbell hang clean and jerk (6r/6l) (rx:you pick) (adv:50/35)(beef:70/50)
8 pull-ups (advanced: 8-10 c2b)(beef 3-5bmu)

-2 minute rest-


14 Alternating Dumbbell snatch (rx:you pick) (adv:50/35)(beef:70/50)
15/12 cals any machine that’s not the machine you used for the first 3 rounder  (advanced + 18/15)

I like the idea of a workout with varying Dumbbell movements. I did something similar to this a few months back and loved it and wanted to bring it to the class to work on some things we don’t usually dig into. 6-8 minutes for each 3 rounder so pick both weights and calories you can move through within that time frame. Make sure you switch machines from the first to the last round and get out of that comfort zone machine.


  • Wednesday

A)Every 3 Minutes for 15 minutes
5 Deadlifts (75-80% across)
5-8 Dumbell or barbell bench press
(5 sets each movement)

B)Cherry pickers comp partner relay

You go I go style:
400m run (each)
200m run (each)
400m run (each)

Hit both the deadlifts and the bench press within the 3 minutes for part a. Part b bringing back the fun partner relay we did for the cherry pickers. Both partners will run each distance relay style so 1 person is resting while the other is running.


  • Thursday

5 Sets:
200m Run
10 Hanging knee tucks (adv:5-8T2B)(beef:15T2B)
10 hang squat cleans (95/65)
-90second rest between rounds-

*advanced, beef, and bison ascends in weight and descends in reps*

(Advanced: 10@95/65, 8@115/75, 6@125/85, 4@135/95, 2@155/105

(Beef: 10@155/105, 8@175/115, 6@195/125, 4@205/135, 2@225/155)

(Bison:10@125/186, 8@135/205, 6@225/155, 4@245/165, 2@265/175

Helen and I did a workout similar to this about a month ago and once again were pleasantly surprised with our ability to hit heavier weights more efficiently when combined with other movements. Rx peeps work the technique of the lift while everyone else (advanced-bison) gets to ascend in weight. 2:30-4 minutes per set

  •  Friday

A) E:90x 12 minutes
2 Hang Snatch

(beefy folks go e2mx12 and work up to a heavy 2 rep max hang squat snatch for the complex)

B) 10 minute AMRAP

3 pull-ups (3 c2b)
6 pushups
6r/6l kettle bell snatch (RX:you choose)(advanced:44/26)

Beef and bison:
2 Muscle ups (bison: ring Mu)
4 Handstand push-ups
6r/6l kettle bell snatch (beef:53/35)(bison:70/53)

Today I’d like to focus on everyone learning how to snatch. Rx folks can work the power and technique while beefy can work up to a heavy 2rm squat snatch (note you are working every 2 min rather than every :90)

For the finisher I’m keeping reps small so peeps can move through the movements faster. Again introducing another not so common exercise (the kb snatch) so make sure to review the movement and go lighter if this is your first time attempting it!


  • Saturday

5 sets
Against a 3:30 min clock
6 Burpees (adv:6 bar facing burpees)
12 Deadlifts (rx:55/75)(adv:95/65)(beef:115/75)(bison:135/95)
10 Thrusters
Max double unders
200m run before time expires
-:90 sec rest between sets

Nabil introduced me to this format a few years back and I have never forgotten it.

How much time do you need to run a 200m while trying to mash out max reps?! Today we will find out! Pick a weight on the barbell that allows you to cycle quickly through the thrusters in no more than 2 sets. The burpees and deadlifts shouldn’t be much challenge but just enough stimulus to fatigue you for the rest of the movements within the set. Hold on to that Jumprope from there

but make sure you get outside to complete the run before 3:30 is up! You can’t go back to the Jumprope if you get back early so hit that run as late and hard as possible and enjoy a :90 rest when you return.


  • Sunday

30 Minute Alternating emom (5x)

  1. Rope climb (rx:1)(advanced:2)(beef:2 short rope)
  2. Max Wall balls
  3. 70m sled push (rx:45/25)(adv:55/35)(beef:45+25/45)
  4. Max box jumps
  5. :60 Dball or sandbag bear hug hold
  6. Rest

Odd object fun today with a little max reps sprinkled in! A great goal for the Wallballs  would be 18-25, and box jumps would be 15-22.