WOD Overview 7/4/22


Happy 4th of JULY!
Here’s a nice chipper in honor of all 4th of July Summer Blowout Sales! Sell out today!
Given the simplicity of the format today, those of you who regularly rx or adv workouts and want to go longer run or rower is totally OK today! I’ve included my guesstimates on the time ranges below for reference. If you are not a runner, please coordinate with someone so you can get a mixture of machines. Choose a weight on the barbell you could either link in 2’s or 3’s or go really fast singles. If you use bands on pullups, do 15 pullups all together, followed by the 15 burpees to minimize transitions.

Run: 7:30-11:00 minutes (Ragnar 11-16)
Barbell: 2:00-4:00 minutes
Farmer Carry: 2:00-3:00 minutes
Burpee Pullups 2:00-5:00 minutes
Rower/Machine 8:00-10 minutes
Total: 21-33:00 minutes

“4th of July Blowout Sale”

ADV+Beef+bison go in reverse

1600m Run (Ragnar Beef: 1.5 Mile)
30 Clean and Jerks 95/65, 115/75, 135/95 (Bison: Add weight every 10 reps 115/75, 135/95, 155/105)
200m Farmer Carry (Pick Weight for no more than 3-4 breaks)
15 Burpee Pull-Ups (ADV: Burpee C2B) (Bison: 15 Burpee Bar or Ring BMU)
2000m/1500m Row or Bike Equivalent (ADV/Beef/Bison: 2000m m/f)


Braydan and I… both laughing at his outfit.

Today we will be building off of last week’s HANG but you can choose b/t cleans or snatches. Today, I’d like extra special focus on how you bring the bar from your knee to the final exploding position. I noticed that some of you were staying over the bar just a tad too long or were sweeping the bar to your legs too fast. The shoulders staying over the bar is key in that first pull and while moving around the knee… BUT once the bar has cleared the knee or around lower/mid thigh, the shoulders should start getting behind the bar so to be in a better position to jump violently. Here’s a really good video that goes over the sometimes confusing cue that helped me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=37&v=R0cxgQ8uosU&feature=emb_logo

A.) Every 2 minutes for 20 minutes
2 Hang Squat Cleans or Snatches

Hang Squat Santch or Clean
*Sum of the best 5 sets. Not just thinking 1RM…add your best 5 attempts!

“All Machine Gas!”
12 Minute Cap
70 Wall Balls for time (ADV: 100) (Beef: 120)
*Every 90 seconds, starting at 0:00: 6/4 Cal any machine


On paper, it looks grippy for sure, but the runs and handstand stuff make it pretty balanced and your upper body will recover. For those who are replacing running with machines, expect the grip to be even more grippy 😉 I know some of you barbell fanatics will want to do this with a barbell.. I’m ok with that.. just make sure you choose a load that you can replicate similar speed as they do with DBs. You are not less of a baller if you go dumbbell! Give it a go! If you are NOT comfy going inverted, please pass on the wall walks and do planks.

AMRAP in 23 minutes
400m Run or Machine Equivalent
9 DB Deadlifts 35-40/20-25, ADV: 45/25, Beef: 50/35
7 DB Hang Power Cleans 35-40/20-25, ADV: 45/25, Beef: 50/35
5 DB Shoulder to Overhead 35-40/20-25, ADV: 45/25, Beef: 50/35
12 DB Lunges 35-40/20-25, ADV: 45/25, Beef: 50/35
30sec Plank or 2 Walk Walks (ADV: 3) (Beef: 4) (Bison: 1 WW +3 30ft HSWALK)


While shuttle running is not new, I thought throwing an official shuttle would be a fun switch up at the shop. While CrossFit prides itself on owning variety, it’s rare to get some workouts outside of the general linear stratosphere and working change of direction. It’s not a wild task. We do 70m runs all the time, but today it starts with a little shorter run first. Try to be mindful with pivoting each turn. The more efficient pivot preserves some energy in that you are not having to hunch over and shift your complete bodyweight back and forth each turn. Here’s a good video on the hockey stop I use with some athletes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQP-H_iTsaE
If you do not quite have rope climb subs, sub with single arm ring row, double arm ring row, rope laydowns, or inverted pullups.

5 Rounds
15 Double Unders or 50 Single Unders (ADV: 30 DU) (Beef: 50) (Bison: 70)
7 Power Snatch 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/95
15/12 Cal Machine (ADV: 18/15) (Beef: 20/18)
1 Shuttle Run (1 Shuttle= Half way down parking lot and back, then all the way down parking lot and back).
@at some point: Accumulate 2 rope climbs, ADV: 4, Beef: 6 Rope Climbs (Bison: 10)

Jackie (the ADVANCED VERSION LISTED BELOW), is a solid benchmark in CrossFit. It tests your rowing ability, your squat endurance, and pullups. If you’ve been in the game for a while, give this one a go. If you are just starting out, and the pullups and thrusters will be too demanding, go with the goblets and less reps. I can’t wait to see some times on BTWB. Also, note that THIS WAS THE LAST WORKOUT JASON FRINK EVER REDLINED. I REPEAT… JASON FRINK…. REDLINED ONE TIME… DURING JACKIE… HE WAS ON THE FLOOR. I will always remember this moment. I’ll let Jason tell you the story of how this all played out…. Or maybe I’ll just act it out on Friday night when I coach some of you!

Front Squat
*sum of the best 5 sets

ADV: 1-1-1-1-1
*sum of the best 5 sets


Happy Jackie Day
“Jackie Lite”
1000m Row, Ski, or Bike Equivalent
50 Goblet Squats 35-45/20-25
15 Pullups

1000m Row, Ski, or Bike Equivalent
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pullups


“Double Jackie”
2 Rounds
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45/25
30 C2B

This is a spinoff of an old format we used to do a lot. Bare with me, it’s written more complex than it really works out to be. It’s essentially doing each movement for max rep 2 times through total. Also, to minimize an equipment fiasco, you can partner up with someone and start at different movements.

8 Rounds
2:30 Clock
Rest :30 sec bt rounds
200m Run or Machine Equivalent
Round 1: max reps Box Jump Overs
Round 2: max reps Toes to Bar
Round 3: max reps Russian KB Swings 53/35, 70/44, (Beef: American 70/53)
Round 4: max reps Burpees
Round 5: max reps Box Jump Overs
Round 6: max reps Toes to Bar
Round 7: max reps Burpees
Round 8: max reps Russian KB Swings 53/35, 70/44, (Beef: American 70/53)

For part B, these intervals should be hard efforts. I’m aiming for each round to take around 3 minutes so to give everyone around a minute or so of rest. The score for this workout will be EACH ROUND for time. For those of you who are just figuring out your pushup abilities in workouts adjusting the reps after the first round is and should always be OK. All in all, the pushups shouldn’t take more than 20-40sec.
EMOM for 8 minutes
2 Push Press or Push Jerk

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes
9/7 Calories of choice (ADV: 11/9) (Beef: 12)
7 Deadlifts 155/105, 185/125, 225/155
5/3 Pushups (ADV: 7/5 or 4/2 HSPU) (Beef: 15 Pushups or 8 HSPU) (Bison: 10 HSPU)
70m Odd Object Carry