WODs 6/20/22- 6/26/22


Today between squat sets you will have the opportunity to work on beat swings. I know we often all use beat swings as a warm up, but I think there is benefit to getting extra practice on swing positions. I’ve noticed a lot of people wanting to progress to toes to bar and kipping pull ups that are limited by their swing technique. The key point for swing’s today is that the arch to hollow or heel drive is what generates the swing’s power.  I tested part B out and felt like I was able to get both some accessory and conditioning. You should be able to keep moving, but this should not be an all out sprint.


Back Squat or Front Squat 4-4-4-4-4


*at some point complete 4×6-10 beat swings 


3 rds

5 cal (Adv 8 cal)

10e lateral step up

5 push up (Adv 10) (Beef 15) 

70 m waiter carry



I had a dream about this workout, really more of a nightmare. This should be a workout that everyone can keep moving on.  As always feel free to substitute the run with a machine. 

The Nightmare

10 Rounds (30 Min time cap)

200 m run

10 double unders (Adv 20) 

10 wall balls (Adv 15) (Beef 20) 

4 pull ups (Adv 1 rope climb every other round) (Beef 1 RC) (Bison 3 rope climbs every other round)




We’ve been doing quite a bit of lifting technique and complex work so today I want to give everyone the opportunity to reassess their lifts. Sarah had me doing some bound jumps and I found that they are simple, but effective both in terms of elevating heart rate and getting some power ish work in. Jumps should be continuous so they won’t be max length.  


Every 90 s for 15 min

2 Clean & Jerks or Snatches (Beef 1)


12 min Alt. EMOM

Max Cal 

70 m Farmer carry

Max Dball over shoulder 

30-50 ft Bound jumps 



Today’s workout is a two part AMRAP with some max cals. The goal is to be steady on the AMRAP and have some gas left in the tank for 3 min max cals. 

7 min AMRAP 

8 Dumbbell Sh2OH (45/25) (Adv 55/35) (Beef HSPU) (Bison Strict HSPU) 

10 Box jump overs 

12 Dumbbell snatches (45/25) (Adv alt 55/35) (Beef 70/50)

3 min 

Max Cal

2 min rest

7 min AMRAP

*pick up where you left off

3 min

Max cal



I programmed this workout based on a workout Marko programmed. I tested this workout and it took me a little over 25 min including building to a max squat clean. If doing bison version should not expect to hit a squat clean PR. Instead thinking about hitting a heavy squat clean for the WOD, you might find that it is closer to 90% of your actual PR.

Summer swolestice  


20 cal

8 pull-ups (Adv 2 Rope Climbs) (Beef 2 short rope climbs)

400 m run

8 Squat Cleans 75/55 (Adv 95/65) (Beef 9 @ 115/95- 6 @ 135/115- 3 @ 155/135) (Bison 6 @ 70% -3 @ 80% – 5 min to build to max squat clean for WOD)



This workout was deceptively hard in that you do not feel rested from the pull-ups or thrusters when you come back to them, but get enough break from the movement to hit it hard again. The smaller sets should make the volume feel doable. The rest should feel needed after the 3 rounds of franish. 

4 Rounds

400 m run/row/ski or bike equivalent (Adv 600 m)

3 Rounds of Franish (4 thrusters + 4 pull-ups)


4 Thrusters (75/55)(Adv 95/65) (Beef 6 @ 95/65) (Bison 6 @ 115/75)

4 pull-ups (Adv C2B) (Beef 6 C2B) (Bison 4 BMU)

1 min rest between rounds



Today’s workout should be mostly aerobic. Two dumbbells or kettlebells for the deadlifts. I programmed inch worms for people who want to do wall walks, but are still getting comfortable going upside down. Box wall walks are another good option. I increased the wall walk volume for beef and bison instead of giving a handstand walking option because I think the changing shoulder angle of a wall walk is different from a handstand walk. It can still be beneficial to work on wall walks even if you can handstand walk. 

25 min AMRAP

25 cal 

12 Dumbbell Deadlift (45/25)(Adv 55/35)(Beef 70/50)

5 Inch worms (Adv 2 wall walks) (Beef 5 wall walks) (Bison 8 wall walks)