WODs March 28th- April 3rd


A. EMOM 18 min 

0-5 min: 3 Hang clean or snatch high pull

5-10 min: 2 Clean or snatch 1 in off the floor

10-18 min: 2 Clean or snatch


B. 800 m run or machine equivalent


Today’s lifting EMOM is a little longer than typical so everyone has more time to work on drills and focus on the lifts. Part B will be a quick finisher, but will potentially give you the opportunity to compare to previous times. Part B is an all out effort.



Deads and Doubles

20 min Partner AMRAP- Alternate each round (1 rd= 8 DL+10 DU+ 6 PU)

8 Deadlifts (115/75, 135/95, 185/125, 225/155)

10 Double Unders (Adv. 20)(Beef 40)

6 Push ups (Adv. 10)(Beef 8/6 HSPU)


*Accumulate 6 70 m sled pushes per team (or Dead Ball carry) 


I enjoyed Nabil’s partner programming last week. Today is a partner workout alternating each round. Rounds should be quick, less than 2 minutes. The sled pushes can be accumulated at any point. Ideally, each partner will complete 3 sled pushes. Both people can work when sled pushes are being completed. Only a partner can be doing the AMRAP at a time. So if one partner is doing the AMRAP, the other is either resting or sled pushing. Once one partner completes a round, the other will start on the AMRAP. It may seem like a lot of rest, but with the sled pushes there won’t be as much rest as it seems. 



A. Back or Front Squat 4-4-4-4-4 (80-90% 1 RM)

*At some point 5×5 strict pull-ups


B. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

KB swings (Russian or American) (44/35, 53/44, 70/53)

Box jumps


I am a fan of pairing squats with pull-ups. I like the lower body push and upper body pull combo and the spinal “decompression” of the pull-ups. Ideally, you will be able to find a challenging weight to stick to across sets. In Part B, heart rate should be the limiter and sets should be unbroken. Feel free to choose between American or Russian kettlebell swings. 



A. 12 min alt. EMOM

  1. Dumbbell Box Step Up
  2. 30 s Overhead Core
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge (Dumbbell optional) 
  4. 30-60s Anti-Rotation


OH Core options: Feet elevated or Handstand Shoulder tap, Overhead hold with KB, DB, or KBBU, hollow hang

Anti-rot options: DB or KB Pull through, palloff press, renegade row, bird dog, dead bug


B. 2 Rounds

2 min machine (0:00-2:00)

Rest 1 min (2:00-3:00)

40 s machine (3:00-3:40)

Rest 1 min (3:40-4:40)

20 s machine(4:40-5:00)

Rest 1 min (5:00-6:00)


Part A is focused on unilateral and core work. The goal in the overhead core exercise is to get stronger and more comfortable in an overhead position. If you have any overhead restrictions, talk to your coach for an appropriate substitute. For a feet elevated shoulder tap, feet can go on a box and hands can go on the floor. If the handstand shoulder tap is too hard, but feet elevated is too easy, you can keep your feet or knees on the box, but open their shoulders. Here is a picture.






The picture below demonstrates a palloff press. Feel free to talk to your coach for guidance.






The goal of Part B is to build awareness around different intensities and use of energy systems. 

In the 20s interval intensity should be high. If you are at this high intensity, you might feel a drop off after about 10s. 



DIY WOD- break up any way you like

50 Wall balls (Adv. Thrusters) 

40 Power Cleans 

30 HKR (Adv. T2B) (Beef 15-30 BMU) (Bison 15-30 RMU)

20 Pull-up (Adv. C2B)

Run 1000 m

Rest 3 min total


Barbell options: 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 125/85


For today’s workout you can break up the workout anyway you like including the 3 min rest. The goal for today is to make a plan and stick to it. An aspect of CrossFit is strategizing so I want to give you the opportunity to strategize. Feel free to ask your coach about different options. 



The Burpee Burrito

4 rounds

5 squat cleans or snatches (75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105, 185/135)

8 Burpees (Adv. BFB)

15/12 Cals or 300 m Run

8 Burpees (Adv. BFB)

70 m farmer or suitcase carry


Squat cleans or snatches should be completed in less than 2 min. Today is a good day to go heavier than you might normally since barbell volume is low. Each round will be in the 4-6 min range, about 15- 25 min total. 



Spring Cleaning

3 Rounds

2x {Dusting}

500 m Row or equivalent

*At some point 80 feet walking lunge (Adv. DB) (Beef FR)(Bison OH)



6 HKR or 4 T2B (Adv. 8 T2B)(Beef 10) 

8 x [DB Hang Power Clean + Sh. 2 OH] (30/20, 35/25, 40/30, 50/35)


Today’s workout will be grippy. It is okay to go lighter than you might normally for today’s dumbbell considering the amount of grip demand this workout requires.