WODS for April 4th-10th


5 sets of:
5 Back Squat (ascending weight)
*superset with 3-4 sets of 8 B stance or single leg glute bridge each leg

Thrusters (rx:75/55)(adv:95/65)
Burpees (adv:Bar facing burpees)
      **(Beef:1 rope climb after every round, bison: 3-2-1 rope climbs)**

     Starting Monday off right with some strength and accessory work! Ascending weights on the back squats today so work up to a heavy set of 5. I am sprinkling in 3-4 sets of single leg glute work between sets so grab a box or a bench and get these done before your heaviest set of squats. Why do single leg glute work you might ask?! Stronger glutes can improve the health and longevity of everyone’s lower back, knees, hips, core and posture.

     Todays finisher is a sprint piece so pick a weight that you can move quickly on the thrusters (no more than 2-3 sets) and hit those burpees hard, I have yet to ever see anyone fail a burpee so mental toughness is key here, stay moving! For my beef and bison peeps you will be doing rope climbs between each set, challenge yourself to jump onto that rope before you want to! 6-12 minutes on this finisher today.


‘Three’s Company’
         For Time or Reps completed at Cap:

3 rounds:
403m run
21 Russian Kettlebell Swings (rx:35/20) (adv: American KBs 45/26)(American KBs beef:53/35)
12 Pullups

-immediately into-

Double unders (rx: 30-25-20-15-10)(adv:50-40-30-20-10) Single unders(100-80-60-40-20)

-immediately into-

30 Clean and Jerks (rx:75/55)(adv:115/75)  (beef:135/95)

*30 minute cap*

     Let’s have fun on this one today, 3 girls all wrapped up into one fantastic workout! This is a workout that I did about a year into discovering CrossFit and it’s one that I have never forgotten. It was a blistering hot day, I had just come from a Korean bbq lunch with a girlfriend (not recommended at all 🤮) and  95lbs on grace was just under my 1 rep max at the time, but I managed to squeeze all of it in in just under 30 minutes! With that being said I want everyone to get the best workout for you individually so let’s talk time frames: Helen (8-14 minutes), Annie (6-10 minutes) Pro tip for sit-ups~ protect the skin at your tailbone or you’ll rub yourself a sweet raspberry that will no doubt burn like hell in the shower, Grace (5-8 minutes) pick a weight that allows you to complete quick singles. 30 minute time cap today so your score will be the time in which you finish or the amount of reps completed at the 30 minute mark.


Deadlifts 3-3-3-3-3
      **superset with 3-4 sets of 8-12 Seated Dumbell ~or~ 6-8 barbell z press, Dumbell or barbell bench press**

30/25 cals any machine
3 rounds
200m run
2 wall walls (adv:3)(beef:5)

     Deadlift, Bench press, Strict Press day! My favorite Wednesday combo is back again. Work up to a heavy set of 3 on your deadlifts while supersetting either a Z press or Bench press **all the boys rise up and celebrate bench day** (barbell or Dumbell your choice).

     Todays finisher should be a quick one. The calorie buy in is meant to make that run just a tad more uncomfortable, but grind away! When you get back from that run don’t hesitate and go right to those wall walks, your legs and lungs will be tired but your arms will be fresh and ready!


‘The Hoover aerobic hour’

25 min max cals any machine
*every 5 min, including 0:00

  • 12 Dumbbell snatch (rx: you choose) (adv: alternating 50/35)(beef: 8 reps double Dumbbell or kb snatch (35-50/25-35lbs)
  • 12 alternating goblet walking lunges (rx: you choose)(adv:50/35)(beef: 8 reps double Dumbell or kettlebell front rack lunge (35-50/25-35lbs)
  • 70m sled push/Dball/Sandbag Carry or Farmer Carry

     Welcome to Art Hoovers aerobic hour. Where ones perceived level of exertion should be around 70-75% for the above workout, not all CrossFit workouts need to be balls to the wall every time, take it down a peg or two today and move mindfully. Nothing overly complicated today, just a nice long sweat sesh and a chance to let your body recover a tad from the strength and sprint pieces we have already had this week. For beef peeps add a second kettlebell or Dumbbell for the snatches and lunges, I gave a range of weights for those who choose to attack the challenge to promote good movement patters while still keeping the sets unbrokenish. Walking lunges rather than stepping forward or back so keep machines to the perimeter of the gym to accommodate the room needed. After that pick an odd object and move it 70m before hopping back onto your calories. (1:30-2:30 for the work portion)


E2Mx 20 minutes
200m run/machine equivalent or Double Unders (rx: 20, adv:40, beef:60)
2 power cleans
(Adv: drop down to 1 power clean for the last 5 sets and ascend in weight)

8 Minute Amrap
5 pull-ups (adv:5 c2b)(beef:2 bmu)(bison:2 Ring Muscle Ups)
7 pushups (beef and bison:4 handstand push-ups)
9 Wallballs (beef and bison only do 8 Wallballs)

     With all the work we have been putting into position work on the cleans, I thought it would be fun to test out what we can move while incorporating some conditioning before each lift. Pick either a run, machine or double under number to attack before each lift (:60 or less). I have had a lot of success with these style formats while lifting, sometimes it’s nice to just lift and not overthink every single cue we have ever gotten and just let the body do what it has been trained to do, what we have been drilling over the past few months. I encourage everyone to treat this with ascending weights so make sure to grab what you might need before the clock starts because time to run around will be limited. 2 power cleans for the first 5 sets and then down to 1 for the last 5, so let’s see what we can move!

     For todays finisher I was going for a Cindy or Nate feel, short reps with quick transitions. Pick a rep scheme where you can go unbroken on each set and then move right into the next movement without hesitation. :60 seconds per round would be an amazing goal for all!


4 Rounds
403m run
10 Hanging knee tucks (Adv: 8 t2b) (Beef: 15 toes to bar)
10 box jump overs (adv:15)
5 power Snatch (pvc/barbell/you pick!) (adv:95/65)(Beef:135/95)
10 overhead squats  (pvc/barbell/you pick!)(adv:95/65)(Beef:135/95)
      -1 min rest

     Intervals for breakfast today. I wanted today to be a day where everyone could feel comfortable both snatching and overhead squatting so for those new to the movement, or maybe you have been wanting to try but the clean option always just looked more appealing, todays the day! Pick your own weight for rx, a naked barbell or even a dowel will do. Shooting for 5-6ish minutes per each working set so move through the run, toes to bar, and box jump overs quickly. When you approach the snatch quick singles are what I would suggest but be ready to hold on for all ten overhead squats. Enjoy a 1 min rest after each set and repeat. A good goal would be to keep your sets within :20-:30 of each other.


‘Trail zombies’ 

Rx & Adv-
800m run(adv:1200m run)(adv + : 1600m run)
5 Rounds
10 deadlifts(135/85)(adv:155/105)
10 Cals on any Machine
10 Single Dumbell box stepovers (rx:you pick)(adv:30/20)
800m run(adv:1200m run)(adv + : 1600m run)

Beef & bison-
1600m run
50 deadlifts (beef:205/125)(bison: 225/155)
50 assault bike cals
50 double Dumbell box stepovers (beef:40/25)(bison:50/35)
1600m run

     Volume volume volume! As seen in the open this year we had a large set of deadlifts with a burpees couplet (100 reps each to be exact if finishing the workout 😖) so how do we get better at volume?! We do more volume! Everyone in todays class will start with a long run, feel free to shorten the run if that ain’t your jam or grab a Machine. When you get back the fun begins! Rx and advanced will have a deconstructed set of 5 rounds to keep the intensity up and to keep you moving. Pick a deadlift weight you can attack each round in 1-2 sets. Move purposely through your cals and keep your rythem on the box step-overs. For my beef and bison folks let the chipper begin. Pace pace pace from the very beginning, don’t go maxing out your first set of deadlifts and then be diminished down to small sets or even worse singles 😐 beef and bison I would like you to bike for the cals so you get priority on those machines, head down and grind. Box step-overs will be the most time consuming task with not just one, but a set of dumbbells, so small sets and quick breaks is key here. This workout has the potential to be a long one but since you end with a run, go for the volume and finish!