Weekly WOD insights 7/11/22

It’s been quite some time since we have done paused squats. While your paused squat will inherently be lower than your regular squat, there’s a lot of benefit to doing paused reps in your training. Doing paused reps makes getting out of the bottom position tougher, and can improve your overall squatting ability. Paused reps also move at slower speeds since you aren’t getting the big bounce out of the bottom, so it tends to be less wear and tear on your tendons.  Ina addition to squats, you will also be working on your scapualr pull ups today. We normally use these as a warm up to to prep you all for gymnastics. They are also a great tool for building scapular strength, which is very important when you’re doing any kind of gymnastic work. Todays finisher is geared towards offering an opportunity to work on the overhead squat in a met con. The overhead squat is a great challenge not only for your shoulder flexibility, but also your shoulder stability as well. If your shoulders aren’t happy with the overhead squat treatment, be sure to opt for the front squat.

A1.) Paused Back or Front squat (2s pause at bottom)



A2.) Scapular pull up
3x 8 reps


B.) 4 rounds 
7 Front squats 75/55 (Ohs 75/55 or front squat 95/65) (Ohs 115/75)
10 Box Jump overs



Today is all about managing upper body fatigue while still getting a decently intense workout. Each round will be fairly short, so there will be lots of time on the cardio buy-ins. But there will be still a good amount of time on the pushing movements, which is where you will need to manage your muscle fatigue. If you need to modify the push up to stay moving, today is a great day to do so. You can set up either a band or barbell on the rig and perform modified reps so you can stay moving the entire time. Talk to your coach if you feel like you need a modification option for the push up.


Every 3 Minutes for 21 mins 
Buy in 200m run or machine equivalent (Ragnar level running: alternate 200m and 400m buy ins)

-Immediately into amrap of-


12 Dumbell snatch 45/25 (50/35) (16 Alt 50+/35+) or 12 Kb snatch (choose load)
5/3 Push ups (8/5) (Beef 3-6 HSPU)
*No rest between rounds, pick up where you left off when coming back to the amrap*


I am a huge fan of single leg work and just basic strength training in general. The first emom is going to have two movements that if you consistently do will bring you tons of benefit to your overall strength. The split squat is great for developing single leg strength and stability, and the strict pull up is great for developing upper body strength. For todays finisher I want you all to push yourself more than you normally would on the machine work so you can have enough time to get to the double unders at the end. Todays format should be beneficial regardless of your double under ability since it is time restricted. If you’re a baller at double under you’ll have to deal with working in a bit of a high pressure situation and if you’re still working on your double unders, then you will have an opportunity to practice without throwing off the flow of the whole workout.


A.) 10 Minute lanteranting EMOM
1- 6 ea side Dumbbell split squats 35/20 (45/25) (50+/35+)
2- 6-12 Strict pull ups or ring rows


-Rest 3 Mins between-


B.) 4 rounds 
2:30 clock each round
70m D ball/sandbag carry
9/6 cals any machine 12/8 (15/10)
-In time remaining max double unders-


*30s rest between rounds*



Over the past couple of weeks we have been incorporating some hang work. I wanted to build off of that but transition into some halting reps. The halting reps will have you working from the same position, but you will be arriving there via a different means. The finisher is building off of last weeks dumbbell Bonanza that JB wrote. After he programmed it I realized that we should incorporate more dumbbell work into our training! There’s lots of benefit incorporating dumbbells into your training regularly. It really challenges the stability of your joints and can be a nice break from the usual barbell work that we do.


A.) 12 Minute Emom 
2 Halting cleans or snatches (halting at the knee)


B.) “Dumbbell Doom”
4 rounds
5 Dumbbell Shoulder to overhead 35-40/20-25, ADV 45/25, Beef 50/35
7 Dumbbell hang power cleans
9 Dumbbell deadlifts
140m Run


Today is all about working at a lower intensity. The past couple of days have been higher skill, and more volume heavy, so I wanted to take today as an opportunity to work in a longer time domain at a lower intensity. You will all ideally be keeping your heart rate in what we we would call “zone 2.” Zone 2 is referring to your heart rate level. Zone training breaks your heart rate levels into 5 separate zones, all based on your heart rate maximum. Zone 2 is where your body is operating at a fairly low intensity and is optimal for improving aerobic fitness and increasing recovery. Check out the chart below to get a better idea of where you want to keep your heart rate! For zone 2 work you want to keep your heart rate between 65-70% of its maximum.


“Zone 2 Woohoo”
28 Minute amrap
200m Run or machine equivalent
15 Russian Kb swings 53/35 (70+/44+)
10-15 Single leg V ups, tuck ups, or V ups
200m run
6-12 push ups, ring push ups, handstand push ups
70m Single arm farmer carry (use Kb load)



A couple weeks ago Cristina wrote an excellent workout that I had the pleasure of coaching. Overall it was a great workout! It also provided a great opportunity for some of the heavier lifters to take a crack at a one rep max under a bit of fatigue. I was impressed with how many people were able to hit big lifts under duress. I wanted to try to replicate that workouts effect,  but have people work on the snatch instead. There has been a demand for learning the snatch recently so I wanted to strike while the iron is hot so to speak. Consistent practice is by far what improves lifts the most, so I wanted make sure people got the opportunity to keep working on their snatches!


4 Cycles 


5 Min clock
Buy in: 400m run or machine equivalent
-In remaining time amrap of-
7 power snatches 75/55 (95/65) (115/75) (Bison ladder see below)
9 Hanging knee raises (4 Toes to bar) (8 toes to bar)
15 air squats


*Rest 1 minute in between cycles, restart each cycle*


Bison ladder (Can be power or squat snatches)
Round 1- 6 reps @ 115/85
Round 2- 4 reps @ 145/105
Round 3- 2 reps @ 165/115
Round 4- 5 Minutes to find one rep max snatch (no cardio buy in)


Bumper plates for men – 2 (35), 2 (15), 2 (45)
Bumper plates for women- 2 (25), 2 (5), 2 (10)



Nothing overly complex about today! Just a solid mover with the opportunity to practice some rope climbs. If you are wanting to learn how to climb a rope, or would like to refine your technique, be sure to ask a coach for some help! We will do our best to get you to the top.


5 rounds 
400m run or machine equivalent
12 Wall balls (15) (20)
9 Burpee Box Jump overs (Beef 12)


*At some point perform rope climbs*
Rx’d- 2 reps
Adv- 4 reps
Beef- 2 short + 4 regular