WOD Overview 12/18/17

Almost time for the Holidays! Get it in hard this week!

This finisher should be a quick burner for Rx’d and ADV. Get in and out of the row and smash on the other work. Only do pistols if you can smash them out relatively quickly. For beefy, this format is intended to have you push the pace so you don’t get caught on burpees every minute, but also, doing moving at a pace knowing you have a specific task at the top of each minute. Give yourself a second or two to get ready to do the burpees quickly and back onto the work.

A.) Back Squat
Ascending Sets

2-3 Sets Horizontal Pulling (Ring Rows, Single Arm DB/KB Row, or Barbell Bent Row)
4-8 Reps

12 Minute Cap
For time or AMREP:
20 Cal Row, Bike, or Ski
15 DB Snatches 40-45/25-30 (ADV: Alternating 50/35)
20 Goblet Squats w/DB (ADV: Alternating Pistols)
15 DB Snatches
20 Goblet Squats w/DB (ADV: Pistols)
15 DB Snatches
12 Minute Cap
For Time or AMREP
25 Power Snatches 75/55
25 OHS 75/55
25 Calorie Row
25 OHS 75/55
25 Power Snatches 75/55
*3 Burpees EMOM starting at 0:00
Another one of these triple couplets for you. I like this format as it allows you to move focused though a series of movements with intensity and getting a fresh start with each new couplet. Give yourself a 1-1:30 time limit on your double unders. The weight on cleans should be something you could link in 2 sets or do quick singles. Feel free to mix and match the skills based on your abilities to make them challenging but continuously moving through the work.ADV+BEEF, start with bottom couplet, then middle, then finish with PC+DU

3 Rounds
10 Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, BEEF: 135/95 (BISON: 15 Reps @135/95)
20 Double Unders (ADV: 40 DU) (BEEF: 60)

3 Rounds
1 Rope Climb (ADV: 2 regular or 1 legless) (Beef: 2 Regional) (Bison: 2 regional unknotted)
200m Run

3 Rounds
15 Cal Row (ADV: 20) (BEEF: 25)
15 Wall Balls (ADV: 20) (BEEF: 25)

Part A is really an activation/warmup and chance to get some strict gymnastics in. Part B, is a retest from April 24 2017. The only addition I made was a Bison option with a little bit heavier of a deadlift. For many this is a running workout as the run will probably take the longest. If this is you, move at a pace inside knowing you can still get out and have a decent run time. If deadlifts really jack your heart rate up, break them up into manageable short sets. I remember going into this one with the mindset of 3 sets on deads every round and it was just enough to keep my lungs and heart rate at bay. Another one to mix and match based on your abilities but most all the movements should be done in no more than 3 sets.

Alternating EMOM for 6 Minutes
– STRICT GOAT: Pullup/Pushups/HSPU/Ring Dips/Rows
– :30 sec hollow hold:


Compare similar to April 24 2017
5 Rounds
403m Run
12 Deadlifts 135/95, 185/125, BEEF: 15 @ 205/155, (BISON 15@ 225/155)
9 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (BEEF: 12 C2B)
6 Burpee Box Jumps (BEEF: 9)


EMOM for 12 Minutes
2 Clean and Jerks or Squat Snatches
ADV: 1 Across at 78-85%

7 Minute AMRAP :
3 Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: T2B)
3 Hang Squat Cleans 75/55, 95/65,
Rx’d goes back to 3’s, ADV keep ascending by 3’s until time is up.


As a quick note, this is a 20 minute workout for Rx’d and 15 minutes for ADV+BEEF. For rx’d, the the weight on the shoulder to overhead and lunges should be something you can do unbroken. The 70m run will serve as a break from the bar, but given that the weight is light, they will add up and for sure be factor. If you are an regular advanced goer, this is a good workout to do rx’d if you are in want or need the longer grinder workout. For other ADV+Beef competitors, I wanted a chance to work the row in an AMRAP format. We’ve gotten accustomed to the chill rowing “buy in” and wanted to elicit more rowing stamina in wods. The weight should be something you can do unbroken or maybe one short break on STO.

“Burnt Sienna”
20 Minute Clock
1000/750m Row or Ski or 4/3k Bike Buy in:
AMRAP in time remaining:
10 Shoulder to Overhead 75/55
10 Barbell Lunges 75/55
70m Run

ADV+BEEF: Starting at 5:00 mark, no buy in.
15 Minute AMRAP:

12 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65115/75
12 Barbell Lunges 95/65 115/75
12 Calorie Row


If you are a solid runner, go for the ADV running options. There are a couple incentives for pushing on this workout, you have the time cap on each AMRAP, the short reps schemes, as well as the 2 minute rest to allow recovery. Mix and match to abilities but something you can do unbroken. All this leads to a fun, old-fashion, family Christmas blowout. You will start the AMRAP where you left off for a total of one scored AMRAP so be sure to keep your EGG-noggin in the game on this one (SETH).

8 Minute Clock
600m Run (ADV: 800m)
5 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (BEEF: 5/3 Bar MU)
7 Burpees
9 KB Swings 53/35, 70/44 70/53#REST 2 MINS7 Minute Clock
400m Run (ADV: 600)
Start AMRAP where you left off:REST 2 MINS6 Minute Clock
200m Run (ADV: 403)
Start AMRAP where you left off: