Weekly WOD Review 7/12/21

If you’ve followed my monthly formula the last year, I’m very much a fan of the short rep, 10 set format. You have to pace to not blow up, but the reps allow you to stay moving at a relatively high HR throughout the workout. Given that the reps are short, transitions should be thought of as an extra movement so try to keep those consistent. For most of you, the non-double under rounds should be somewhere between 1:30-2:00 and the double under rounds are 15-30 seconds slower depending on your skill set. The barbell should be sought unbroken or fast singles. I don’t mind you challenging yourself with a little heavier on the bar as it is only 30 reps total.

10 Rounds
200m Run or Row or 10/8 Cal Bike
3 Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105
6 Down Ups (ADV: Burpees) (Beef: BFB)
*After EVEN sets: 10 Double Unders (ADV: 15) (Beef: 20)

For today’s strength, compare to last week’s 3’s and 10’s and shoot for a 5-10lb increase and a match or improvement for reps for 10s if you are feeling groovy baby. I tested the finisher out with Mr. Hoover last week. Pick a weight you can do 2-3 reps unbroken if needed, BUT, a solid tip is to NOT link until the later rounds when you are pressed for time. Because the reps go up, you’ll need to have a little octane left to finish (maybe an unbroken set) and a sprint on the machine. Place equipment close by! Let’s all try to get 7-8 rounds!

A.) Back Squat or Front Squat
*10+ should be roughly 75% of what you finish on 3s

Death By Minute
EMOM until failure (ascending by one rep each round)
1 Calories of choice
1 GTO 75/55, 95/65, 115/75
next minute
next minute

I wanted today to be a day for the enduro folks to get some love by upping the running distances. BUT, for those looking for a shorter, more intense WOD today, go with the 70m run option. For those who want a longer WOD can either increase to 15 reps on WBs, increase T2B, or go with the longer distances in any fashion. Given that the skill set in this workout is basic, I ENCOURAGE you all to do more if you think you can do more!

Buy in: 1 Mile Run
5 Rounds
12 Wall Balls (ADV: 15)
12 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (6 T2B) (Beef: 9)
70m Run (ADV: 200m)

1.5 Mile Run
80 WB
50 T2B
800m Run

This will be scored as total calories accumulated across the 5 sets. The machine may turn off so be sure to keep track of your calories each round. I am aiming for around 1:30-2:30 to work on the calories. If you need help choosing the buy in movements to match the desired intensity, work with the coach on which movements to scale or increase in difficulty. Also, remember that after round 1, the time will get eaten up more quickly as you will not be starting fresh and right on the swings coming off the machine.

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets)
15 Russian KB Swings 53/35 ,70/44, 12 American 70/53) or 10 Dball or 8-10 SB Over Shoulders
10 Shoulder to overheads 75/55, 95/65, 115/75
12 Box Jump overs
Max Calories any machine in time remaining

I am holding off on the CONDITIONING option we did last week as I wanted a quasi-conditioning version in part B. It will be back next week! For your lifts, remember the cues we went over in the “lift off” last week. Tight and engaged lats, hips, and shoulders when you pull off the floor! Drive through your legs and think about leg pressing the floor away from you.

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
2 Clean and Jerks or Snatches
ADV: 1 Rep

12 Minute Cap
Buy In: 30/25 Cal Any Machine
DB Snatch 45/25, 50/35, 70/45 (BB Option: 75/55, (ADV: 9-7-5- @95/65) (Beef: 9-7-5 @, 115/75)
Pullup or 1 Rope Climb (ADV: C2B or 1 Legless RC)

Buy In: 30 Cal Machine
Squat Snatch 135/95
Bar or Ring Muscle Ups or 3-2-1 Rope Climb or 1 Legless


Partner AMRAP in 25 minutes
*One total scored amrap.
*Partner 1 runs 800m, while partner 2 does AMRAP, then they switch and partner 2 does AMRAP and partner 1 does 800m.
*The same for 600m
*The same for 400m
*If there is still time remaining, the partners work together on AMRAP splitting up the reps as they see fit.

800m Run each
600m Run each
400m Run each

9 Calories any Machine
7 Deadlifts 135/95, 165/115, 185/125, 205/135
7/5 Pushups or Ring Pushups (ADV: 6/3 Ring Dips or HSPU) (Beef: 8 RD or HSPU)
10 Double Unders (ADV: 15 DU) (Beef: 20)


200m Run (ADV: 403m Run)

21 Calorie of Choice
21 Thrusters 75/55, 95/65, 115/75
15 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (Beef: 21 C2B)

200m Single Arm DB or KB Carry 45/25, 50/35, 70/44 equivalent KB.

15 Calorie of Choice (ADV: 21)
15 Thrusters 75/55, 95/65, 115/75
12 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (Beef: 15 C2B)

200m Run

9 Calorie of Choice (ADV: 15)
9 Thrusters 75/55, 95/65, 115/75
9 Pullups (Beef: 9 C2B)

200m Overhead Plate Carry 35/15, 45/25, 55/35