Weekly WOD Review 7/19/21

If doing the strength option, compare the last 2 weeks. We will be doing heavy doubles next week. The cardio option is for those looking to hit some heavier reps under slight fatigue. While I myself have hit some of my best lifts after a run buy in, if you’ve never done that format before, expect the legs to be a little jello-y. Except to not hit near your best. Go hard on that finisher! It is quick and while you’ll think you need to save for the 15’s, you’ll be there before you know it!

Strength Option

22 minute clock
Back Squat or Front Squat

Conditioning Option
22 Minute Clock
800m Run or 1k Row (ADV: 1 Mile Run or 2k Row)
Build to a heavy 3 Rep Back Squat or Front Squat

For Time (not an amrap!)
Calories Any Machine
Wall Ball
Down Up (ADV: Burpee)

This is a good balance of monostrctural cardio with traditional crossfit movements. For those of you who have just attained unassisted pullups, lower the reps to 2-4 pullups if you have yet to cycle them unassisted in WODs. The weight on the bar should be something to cycle in singles. Linking is cool, but expect it to get grippy. To confirm, an ENTIRE round score is the cardio + 3 rounds of mayo. 

“Extra Mayo”

AMRAP in 23 Minutes
20 Calories Any Machine or 403m Run (ADV 25 Calories any machine or 600m Run)
3 Rounds of “Mayo”
5 Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105
6 Pullups (ADV: C2B) (Beef: 3 Bar MU)
7 Box Jumps (Beef: 9 Box jumps)

This is a bit of a grinder. Unlike most of our workouts with deadlifts in it, today the stimulus should be quick and unbroken. The first portion should take around 3-4 minutes per round and 2-3 mins per round for the middle and final portion.
For those of who who have a big discrepancy in your squatting and deadlift weights, feel free to adjust the weights for each lift. The FC should be either 2 dbs or kbs or a combo and should be something you can do unbroken or one short break at turnaround.

3 Rounds
12 Deadlifts 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 165/115
12 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises (ADV: 7 T2B) (Beef: 12 T2B)
403m Run

3 Rounds
15 DU (ADV: 30) (Beef: 50)
70m Farmer Carry

3 Rounds
10 Goblet Squat 45/25 or 8 Front Squat 95/65, 8@ 115/75, 8@135/95, 8@165/115
15 Calories any machine (ADV: 20) (Beef: 25)

Compare your lifts from 2 weeks ago. To clarify, the sequence for A goes:
1 lift off + 1 regular. Then, 1 regular. After coaching the lift off during my classes, I found that having you reset, or let go of the bar between the lift off rep was easier to understand. Remember, it is just to ensure good posture off the floor and using the legs. For the finisher, choose a gymnastic option that will take you around 20 seconds to complete.

Strength option
Every 90 sec for 15 minutes
1 Clean lift off (reset bar) + 1 Cleans or Snatch
1 Clean or Snatch

A.) Conditioning Option
compare 2 weeks ago
Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes
200m Run or Row
5 Snatches or Cleans

Max Calories any machine in 8 minutes:
@ 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 do **gymnastics, then get back on the machine.
*Gymanstic options
Pushups or Ring Pushups: 10/8, (ADV: 12/10), (Beef: 15)
Ring Dips or HSPU 8/6, (ADV: 10/8), (Beef: 12)
Handstand Walks 15ft or 30 ft


5 Rounds
1 Minute Max Reps Shoulder to overhead 75/55, 96/65, 115/75, 135/95
1 Minute Max Calories any Machine
1 Minute Max KB Swings 53/35, 70/44, 70/53
1 Minute Sled Push/Farmer Carry/or SB/Dball carry
1 Minute Rest


4 Rounds
20 Double Unders (ADV: 40) (Beef: 60)
18 Wall Balls (ADV: 21) (Beef: 25)
15 DB Snatches 45/25, 50/35, 70/40 (Barbell: 10@ 75/55, 9565, 115/75)
1 Rope Climb (ADV: 2) (Beef 2 Short Rope or 7 Strict Pullups (ADV: C2B) Beef: 4/2 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups) (Bison: 6 Bar or Ring MU)
403m run (ADV: 600m)

For those going distance run in time remaining, you can either use your watch for time/distance or do 400 or 200 m repeats to make sure you have an idea on the time left. Shooting for you all to have around 8-10 minutes on distance. 

20 Minute Clock
5 Rounds
12 Situps or Hanging Knee Raises Toes to Bar
9 Down Ups (ADV: Burpees) (Beef: BFB)
6 Hang Power Cleans 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, (Bison ascending 115/75, 135/95, 155/105, 165/115, 185/125)
– Max Distance Run or Calories any machine in time remaining

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